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Wednesday's DT

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Hi everyone!

I am going to send "positive" vibes to everyone today and hope for the best. I noticed a few had a "not so good" day yesterday so I'm hoping that today starts off much better for everyone.

It is absolutely beautiful out today! The sun is out and the breeze is perfect. Not really a great work day. I think I feel a headache coming on!!!! LOL

What does everyone have planned for today?
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Back to work, after two days off. I have to work at the "bad" store, today.

Its still cool and overcast. we haven't had any rain, for several days, though.

Bill has ribs, for the grill, tonight. At least, I'll be home for dinner every night this week. That's a nice change!

I woke up, about 3:30 and, when I got back to bed, Rowdy came in and piled on top of Bill and me, purring like crazy. I think that helped me get back to sleep. She's such a sweetie!
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Well, I am feeling better today! I am worried about my hubby. He works outdoors and it is very hot in Toronto this week. Today it is 33 Celcius or 91.4 farenheit, but with humidity it is 41 or 105.8. Tomorrow it is going to be 35 or 95 F with humidity making it 44 or 111.2 F. I don't mind it too much except on bad asthma days, but he is dying in this heat. He is also working 12 hour days right now because of a new survey job that is a rush order.

Canada has a long weekend this weekend - maybe just Ontario - I am not sure. It is Simcoe Day. Lord Simcoe was the 1st governer general of Ontario. Here is an interesting story on this holiday. holiday
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Nothing new here. Didn't sleep last night, again..just tossed and turned.(worrying about work and money, etc, etc) Was still awake at 6:30 this morning, when hubby left for work, then managed to sleep for an hour or so, and then just woke up and was wide awake. I don't know why I do that. So I will probably be spending most of the afternoon sleeping. Even when I don't take a nap in the afternoon, I still can't sleep at night, so I figure I might as well catch some rest whenever I can.

Other than that, I am lucky to be inside in the air today...it is going to be mid or upper 90's here in Iowa today.

Supposed to get my changing table today...we'll see if it comes.
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It's supposed to be near 100 here today. YUK!!! Granted, we have no humidity, but 100 is hot no matter what.

Looks like another nothing to do at work day. I think we have the situation with the new apartment worked out. Not because I got them the information that they needed, but because that cannot legally give me the items I need to get them the documentation. Now we are just waiting on our stupid landlord to send them the rental history so we can officially be approved.

Overall, things are looking up, I think. We'll see what the rest of the week had to throw at me.
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It's going to be hot here, today, too ....... It's kind of cloudy out right now.
No special plans for me, except waiting to see if I will get that interview today. The only thing that concerns me is that it's kind of in a bad part of town. Cindy, maybe you'd know? It's around 24th street/University. Anyways, the recruiter said when you go down to get to the street you turn down on, it gets better & that the building is really nice & it's secured. Oh, and i'ts considered Phoenix ...... I guess you could say Tempe/Phoenix borderline.
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Cool, cloudy and rainy here - a relief after the heatwave of the past week. This morning I hosted a book-chat on my other site (very stimulating!) and this afternoon, a friend and her mother came to fetch Sundancer... but he knew a trick worth two of that. The little monkey wriggled out of my arms and rushed upstairs to hide under the roof! There's a sliding panel leading to storage space under the roof, and the cats have discovered how to pull it open

No amount of blandishment, or bribery would coax him out, so Natalie's mother had to leave, sadly disappointed, and I will have to take Sir to her, when he finally decides to emerge! I shall miss him, but he is a full male, one year old, and I can't let him run free among my queens, who are all fairly closely related to him; so he is going to be a much-loved pet (and an ex-gentleman) in a small household consisting of one charming middle-aged couple and one beautiful semi-longhaired Fold, Sunny's cousin, Princess.

I hope he emerges soon, so as not to prolong the distress of parting!

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My first day back at work, and I must say that this working to eran a living ain't the greatest. I am dragging, due to the old 5:30 am wake-up time. Will take awhile to get back into the swing. I am doing favors for the technology specialist left and right to try and win myself a newer computer for my office, which is currently still a mass of files that I have to figure out what to do with.
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Pennsylvania is also suffering through 90 degree weather with high humidity, so I'm with Adrienne, Debby, and Heidi. Did you notice that we are all in the north? Tigger and Cindy are supposed to be in the hot state! And Esmeralda, you are not in the south of Europe either, are you? Did someone flip hemispheres on us when we weren't looking? I love summer, but we've had more 90 degree weather than any year for the last ten.
Today, I got two young, high school graduates to do some more yard work finally! I've waited all summer, and one of the boys came a couple of times, but everything needed to be edged and cleaned up. I can't do it, and my husband hates yard work, so when he does it, everything in sight gets weedwacked! That includes the peony I've had for five years that finally had one bud this year! RIP, peony--and adios, arborvitae; ta ta tulips and irises. Well, the boys got started, but they needed me to show them where the few remaining perennials were. No sooner did I get outside than an unexpected thunderstorm hit. The skies absolutely opened. Oh, well, they said they'll try to come back Saturday. Before long it won't matter; the snow will cover everything anyway!
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