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Annie the Brave!

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Despite the fact that Annie is almost half the size of Tibby, she still insists that they wrestle on a daily basis!

*ding, ding* Round 1

The initiation!

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I love it when they wrestle
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It's so funny, isn't it? I'll have to try to get a little video of them!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
I love it when they wrestle
I love the little standoff just before they wrestle. Ours will do the Halloween Kitty arched back, and circle around, then POUNCE!

Our tuxedo Domino likes to sneak up on the others when they are laying around cleaning themselves, and jump them from the back!
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Sarah, I didn't realize how small Annie still is!! I love those daily fights.
Mia is so small but she will take on anyone.
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great photos - the 1st one really cracks me up........... look at Tibby´s eyes and her fangs are on show ...........she look like she means business...........
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Annie and Tibby, aren't you so silly! Sarah, your babies play so sweetly!
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Aww, Tibby is a good wrestling coach!
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Those pictures are great!!! Annie does look tiny next to Tibby!
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Annie is such a brave little girl taking on Tibby like that.

Sadie says, "way to go Annie."
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Wrestling kitties are the cutest!!
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Aww Cutie's

Max & Billy are like that all the time hehe
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