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Help getting cat to eat wet food

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I am a big believer that cats should eat wet food. That being said, I am having a hard time getting my 6 mo old cat to eat it! I have tried each flavor of Nutro Max Kitten -- he seems to only prefer it if it has seafood in it but still only eats a few bites and walks away.

I recently bought a bunch of Nutro wet pouches (kitten) -- he licked all the sauce off and left most of the meat. The meat pieces in this food are rather large for a kitten IMO.

I was thinking of trying the Nutro Max for Cats (no kittens) -- does anyone have suggestions for flavors that a kitten might like? Are the meat pieces huge?

The reason I am sticking with Nutro is because I think it is a good food for what I am willing to pay and I have a ton of coupons (even a couple "6 free cans").

Normally, I thought cats loved wet food -- mine chows the dry food but a couple bites only of the wet.
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There are some tips on getting cats to eat wet food in this article. Some of those may help

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I feel your pain. When I finally realized wet food was better and tried switching Bijou and Mika over, I went to the pet store and bought about 6-8 different brands of good quality wet food. The only one out of the bunch that they would touch was the Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Granny's Pot Pie. Expensive as all get out, but that's what they want so that's what they get.

They won't touch any kind of wet that's pate style at all.
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You'd be better off trying another brand. Your cat does not like Nutro.
Mine will only eat the Dick Van Patten Tuna and Shrimp brand 'wet'--otherwise, she prefers dry. A good dry food will be just as good as a wet as long as your cat drinks enough water (Gizmo is very well hydrated and healthy on Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner.) California Natural is a good midprice brand that sells canned and dry foods that contain only a few ingredients (and very low carbs.) You might try that and see if the kitten reacts more enthusiastically.
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have you tried fasting the cat for 24 hours? then offering the wet food?
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Some cats just do not like canned food (for whatever reason). Just cause you'd like them to eat it, doesn't mean they will. If your kitty prefers dry, then get a top quality food and feed it to him.

Maybe try some boiled shredded chicken or some hamburger if you want softer foods.
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I agree try a different brand ... quality wet foods are not hard to find ( not nearly as hard a dry)....

Meow mix
Natural balence
Solid gold
Pet gold
Cal Natural
Eagle Pack
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