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Odd behavior deteching illness?

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Hi all. I have been feeling ill for the past month and I'm currently working with my doctors to try to figure out what is wrong.
One of the things I have noticed though is that my 3 cats are behaving different towards me.
Whenever I am home they surround me and sniff at me like they're searching for something. One of my cats seems to have a great urgent need to sit on my face and they take turns waking me up throughout the night by lightly scratching their claws on the tip of my nose.
Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and can offer any advice?
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A friend of mine has sleep apnea (and stops breathing many times during the night) and her cats acted in a very similar way til she was diagnosed.
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Apparently your cats try to help you. Like this apnea-fellow.

Most cats try to help their beloved Mom or Pa when shehe is sick. They at least dont make their usual noises and wrestling-matches, behaving.
Very many lies by their Mom/Pa giving their consolation when he lies down ill.

But some seem to help in a more active way. They know where it hurts and lay themselves on the aching place. I have even read people witnessing they threaded with their paws on appropriate places till the pain went down. A sort of cat - "zone-therapy".

This seems to be the case here. I suggest you ask your doctor to look at the face as they are unsure of diagnosis.
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