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Stray cat needs vibes; little boy needs advice

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Hello, everyone! My grandson told me that he has spotted a young orange cat running frantically in his neighborhood, and he asked me to post here to ask for prayers and vibes for the cat's safety and rescue. (He's 10, and very astute about animals). He said he first saw the cat running towards his apt., down the street, and was running so fast that he feels the cat was either extremely scared or in pain He called to it, "Come here, kitty, I'll help you" and he said that it didn't slow down, but did veer into his yard, but kept running on. He said that it was making hissing sounds as it ran and the tail was fully bushed He also asked for advice on how to try to get the cat to return to the area. He has put kibble out between the dumpster and the wall, which was the last area of the property that the cat crossed.
As a side note, he had been able to re-tame an outside cat that was abandoned by the former owners who were evicted from the same complex late last year. The cat now receives pets, regular meals and I sent some Frontline Plus to help her get rid of the fleas. The goal is to hopefully have her get rescued by a local rescue group, or if that fails, then the next time I come down, I will bring her up here. He has such a knack for animals, it's almost scary.
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Aww Those words your Grandson said,I remember saying the same words when I was a kid, to a dog.
I never got to save the dog,Unfortunately it got hit by a car on the motorway It was frantic the same as your grandsons kitty.

I thought it would hear my words and believe what I said,But it didn't.

Back then life was simple.

But now I know different...If you can leave the kitty to settle down and go there with food,that would be more calming for the cat,and win the cats trust....and if you can.....take things from there...

Would you give your Grandson an extra special hug from me....He's a special boy

You must be so proud of him
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Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad that you can relate - how sad about the dog The other day, there was a stray dog in traffic and she was soo scared. I tried to coax her over (I was in the gas station) and she did come near, but then she took off again I prob. never will know her fate.
I sure hope that the cat smells the food and comes back. Again, thanks for the reply
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