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RIP foster mice

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I have been fostering 5 mice for a few weeks now.

Unfortunately, two of them died today
I think it may have been as a result from fighting. I feel so bad for not realizing how bad the fighting was. They're all males and they had lived together all their lives so I hoped that they would keep getting along.
Two of the remaining mice have very minor injuries, which seems to support the theory that those two mice were killed by their cagemates. Poor babies.

I am keeping the two injured mice separate from the other one until I hear back from the rescue about what to do with them. Please send some "getting along" vibes to those poor mice... I'm pretty sure they will never be adopted and it will be hard to find foster homes if they need to be separated (male mice are not popular pets)

At least the two little mice that died will probably get along out there in mice heaven.
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The poor babies

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That sounds very upsetting! I am sorry for your loss. Rest in peace tiny mousies!
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I am so sorry for your loss ,They were only small but as large as life.
I know how hard it is to try to stop the little ones fighting.
Please don't feel you let them down,a fight can start and end in a matter of seconds.

The little ones can fight and play at the bridge knowing they won't hurt each other ever again.

R.I.P. Little two mice You were loved in this life and will be again.

{{{{sending lots of be friend vibes for the other mice}}}}
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I'm so sorry for your loss, please don't blame yourself.

Rest in peace little mousies.
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