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Vibes for my mouth AGAIN PLEASE

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I either have a loose filling , a filling that has more material than needed or something more serious or I am seeing/ feeling things... Please send vibes or prayers as I dont have $$$ right now for my mouth yet again... I know many are tired of reading about my mouth but please bear with me ...
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Mouth problems are some of the most annoying! Here's some {{{mouth vibes}}}
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Oh I am sending lots of them vibes nothing worse then a toothache,,, Nothing
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Sending vibes...I do hear you about dental bills
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Hope your mouth feels better soon <3 xx
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My appt is 10 am monday .... Vibes
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Sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that your dental work is simple, painless and INEXPENSIVE!! Last month, I had to have 2 teeth pulled cuz there was an infection in the jaw, and the bone had healed over it - I was so annoyed because I'd already had them root-canalled and crowned - I could've bought so many things with that money If only I'd had a crystal ball to see in to the future......
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I can sympathize, Jennifer! I feel as if I have a permanent dental appointment!
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Sending lot of "hope your mouth is okay" bills are ridiculously expensive.
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Sending you many good vibes!! {{ }}
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I hope everything will be ok. Sending many mouth vibes your way .......
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I totally sympathize! My mouth is continually giving me problems too, and it really hits you hard in the wallet when you have to go to the dentist/surgeon 4-5 times a year!
{{{vibes}}} for Monday!
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