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This is what happens when you lock a kitten in a room...

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I accidentally locked Sophia in the office the other day... Doesn't she look pathetic?

She goes to her new home this Saturday. We were going to keep her, but we got a call from some people that sound wonderful, and if all goes well, I am happy to send her to her new home where she will have her very own family.

Somebody help this poor baby! Look at the anxiety on her face... I'm cruel to make her stay there just so I could take pics.

I have no idea how she did this... she looks suspended mid-air.

Just for fun... another daddy and daughter pic, they really do have a bond. It Tobie comes to sit with daddy and Sofia is there, he will push Tobie away and cuddle with Sofia. It's so sweet...

Tobie with cow-lick fur... Ziggy(daddy)-licked, that is.
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What a sweet little pumpkin!!! It's not wrong at all to take photos when they're doing cute things like that, even if it means her being stuck for a few minutes longer! You want to preserve those cute moment, and more importantly, we want to see her!!!

I love how the other little one seems to be going "SOFIA!!! I can see you, but I can't get through this invisible barrier!! You'll have to try climbing out!"

Sneakers and Ziggy truly did produce such gorgeous kittens. Sigh
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Aw, you're right! That's exactly what they were saying.

I tell her everyday how amazed I am at how gorgeous her kittens are... and I mean it, too! Not that ALL kittens aren't just adorable to pieces, but hers are especially going to be beautiful when they are grown. I think she knows it, too. She squints her eyes and nods her head up whenever I tell her.
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Oh that's too precious...and the Daddy and daughter pic AWWWWW
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Tobie seems to be barely tolerating that bath. But then what little boy likes to get baths?
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Awwwww their to precious for words
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Those are all cute pics!! I love the stuck in a room pics!!
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Cuteness alert. They are adorable.
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That first picture gave me quite the belly laugh! And the daddy-daughter picture is too precious for words . How do you think Ziggy will do once Sofia's with her new family?
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He's pretty resilient... I think they'll be okay eventually. I worry more about poor little Sophia. The only downside about the home she's going to is that she'll be by herself. The only other cat is 8 years old, I just hope a young 8 years... she needs a playmate!
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awwww.....the little pudding, well she dosent look any worse for the episode
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Aww godiva, that's so cute! I'm sure she forgives you :P *starts looking for big scratches* lol
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