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How does your Cat sleep

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I have been noticeing lately the strange little differences between Duke and Sibohan when they sleep.
Sibohan lays on one side kind of stretched out she tends to but her front paw over her nose and when she's been asleep for a while her toes and tail twitch (kitty Dreams)
Duke tends to lay flat on his back all legs spread head back. Oh he does his whole loaf of bread impression with his head laying on a pillow.

What does you cat sleep like?
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If there is a position, I'm sure my cats have found it, LOL

But largely...

She's quite tubby so her positions are limited.

1. Lays on her tummy, hind legs tucked under her, front legs slightly out front and crossed. Then she'll rest her head on her paws, or sleep with her head up.

2. Lays on her side with her head on something to act like a pillow. She has no preference to the side she's laying on.

3. When on me, she lays across my chest (butt to the right, head to the left) with my right arm tucked under her to support her. My left arm is tucked under her as well, in order to support my right arm. She tucks her front paws in and rests her head on my left arm and sleeps. This seems to be her preferred sleeping arrangement because she demands it many times a day.

1. She likes to lay on her back with front and back legs stretched out and her head back.

2. Similar to position 1, but she lays next to the couch and is slightly on her side with her legs resting against the side of the couch.

3. Curled up on her side, again no preference.

4. In bed with me, on her side with her butt toward my head, back against my side, and my arm along her tummy. She then puts her head on my hand and uses it as a pillow.

5. Flat on her side. She seems to favour her left side when she sleeps like this.

6. Curled up in a corner of the couch with one paw dangling off the side of the cushion.

I'm sure I've forgotten some.
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Astrid has really taken to laying on her back with her legs stretched out and one paw over her face - too cute. Especially in the warm spot where I was sitting on the couch before I got up to get something in the kitchen or whatever. And forget getting my spot back

The funniest thing she ever does is when she joins me in bed and stretches out against me with one paw up on the pillow and her head on her paw. EXACTLY like me and my position. People don't believe me but it is true, and oh so precious.
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Gizmo likes to sleep in the bed facing me with one of her paws resting on my arm. This is the definition of 'cute'.
Since I turn a lot in my sleep the cat does, too. I've seen her curled up at the foot of the bed, or stretched out with her back to me.
In her kitty palace, she'll sleep the way she looks in the picture, or curled up in a little ball. Cuteness personified.
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I know what you mean by "cuteness". When I move or roll over she does too - but first mews at me, looks at me with the most loving and adorable face (ok, she is probably just sleepy, but...), puts her paw on my cheek and pats me.

Every naughty thing she has ever done is forgiven in an instant. Last night it was chilly and I discovered her under the covers with me. Now I have to check the lumps in the covers to make sure there isn't a cat under there
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this is how my two male cats sleep. (the kitten i got last week is still in a spare bedroom until they are ready to meet. she is only 4months old.)

they are 2 /12 yrs old

the white face cat is fantom and the mostly black faced cat is shadow.
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Jake sleeps on his back on the floor. He has this way of scrunching up his legs into his body, it looks really uncomfortable

Izzy curls up into a ball with a paw over her face, it just melts the heart with cuteness Or she will just flop on a lap and sleep in al sorts of funny positions

Jaz sleeps with me at night, laying stretched out next to me with her head on the pillow and a paw touching my face. I usually have my right arm around her and she purrs herself to sleep. During the day she has a bed on the chair in the lounge, which she shares with Jake.

At the moment Tigger is sleeping with hubby, she has taken to just laying next to him. During the day she can be found behind the bed. We shall have to wait and see what her regular sleeping habits will be.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
How does your Cat sleep
Wherever and whenever they feel like it and in whatever position. Some pretty funky positions, too!
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My cats insist on competing with each other to see who can get the highest sleeping spot. They recently discovered the tops of doors! Only problem is, if they wake up suddenly, they forget where they are and fall off.
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Originally Posted by H3_six View Post
My cats insist on competing with each other to see who can get the highest sleeping spot. They recently discovered the tops of doors! Only problem is, if they wake up suddenly, they forget where they are and fall off.
Haha, I used to have a cat that did that!!! The vet said she was probably a Burmese and Persion mix.

Abby likes to go up on my cupboard and walk around the 3/4 wall. It's wide enough for her to lay on, but once she rolled over and ended up breaking my wall sconce when she fell. She was unhurt though, that's the main thing
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Callie starts off in a ball, but then ends up on her side. Hannah likes to stretch out, lay on her back, and show off her assets!!

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