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Hello from Slugger and the Professor

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Our new cool Dad let us use his laptop to introduce him and us to TCS. We are brothers and we are about 4 months old. Our new human family (Mom/Dad/Brother-10/Sister-6) adopted us last week from a rescue organization that uses foster homes. We came from a pretty active and noisy foster home so we are used to noises, playing a lot, sharing a dish and litter box. We have really impressed Mom and Dad with our litter box habits, by actually only using our scratching post to scratch, and settling in sooner that they expected.

Mom and Dad said they are going to post a question about how to redirect our love bites (whatever that means) on their hands and once on Dad's nose. Other than that they are really good to us and we both love climbing all over them when they are on the sofa and settling in for a nap on their laps.

Me (Slugger), I don't really have an interest yet on exploring what is beyond that door my family keeps closed. (I just know they come in that way and leave that way). My brother, the Professor is just determined to get through there though. He almost made it last night but, Dad picked him up and brought him back in. Professor says there are more rooms behind that door. Whatever dude, talk to the paw.....

Anyway once Dad gets off his lazy behind and downloads our pictures onto this laptop,we will let you see what we look like.

Peace out!

Slugger and the Professor
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Welcome from me, (Scooter) Pepper, Pearl, and Fluffy. Our humans let us roam all over the house, and one room is pretty much like the other, just with different human stuff. One room has the food, and we sleep and play with our humans in one room. They took us outside once, but they said I was bad for running around too much and making my female human chase me. I was having fun, but I guess she wasn't.
Anyway, let us know how it goes when you see the rest of the rooms. Catch ya later.
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Hey Slugger and Professor:
Welcome to this great site/forum and big ups to your peeps for taking such good care of you both! Indoors is definitely the best place when you're a cat, and it sounds like your humanoids are doing all the right things to give you both a really interesting and good life!

Can't wait to see pix! Our somewhat challenged servant is so far unable to upload to Photobucket or other remote-link sites, maybe because she has, ummm, dialup

Yes, it IS embarrassing. But we're keepin' it real. There are 9 of us, you see -- all rescued from the streets where we used to live or from out here in the land of sand and cactus! We are all indoor-only, spayed/neutered of course!, and we range from 16+ down to 2 years. You name it, our servant gets it for us! Love bites? Hah! That's our middle name! She loves 'em, actually -- but for those who don't, usually as we grow up, we grow out of that kind of stuff unless we're encouraged, like SOME PEOPLE we know...
Maybe your humanz can get more info on the behavior forum on this site!
Anyway, we are glad you're here with us, and CATS RULE!
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and Hola from Big Guy Dino, Miss Moofi & Princess Pepsi, we live in Spain with our mum. Shes always rushing about with a funny thing that clicks and sometimes flashes so we have to be on our best behavior all the time - well Dino gets a bit fed-up with all the clickin and flashin and lets our mum know then she sits and taps and taps at this other thing with a telly on the table I think its when she is talking to people like you & your family about what we have been doing.

So Slugger & Professor, you better get your Dad sorted - we love photos here and well you know how curious us kitties are we like to get up and personal we our new kitty-buddies on TCS

BTW.........there some great advice and stuff here ..........think the people use it to help us

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Hi Slugger & Professor My name is Sabina, and my meowmy let me answer your's the first time I get to use the computer! I'm a big girl, I'm a whole month and a half older than you! I used to love to bite meowmy, but when I did, she would blow a puff of air in my face...I didn't like that, I'll tell you! She only had to do it a few times, and I stopped biting her....yuck! She also made sure to never use her hands as toys for me...if I started playing with them, she would give me a real toy. I didn't mind, either way I got to play!

My meowmy said to say that if your meowmy or daddy have any questions, or need help finding their way around the site, they can send her a private message. All they have to do is click on her username.

I hope I get to see pictures of you guys soon, I can't wait to see what you look like.
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A big hi from accross the sea! - Joji, Skinny, QT, Wawa, Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go and Jello (the dog)
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Hey, there and welcome! I'm Ari and I like to use my meowmy's computer to talk to all my kitty friends. We like to hang out at Smudge's Colorado Cafe in Paws and Reflect.

I guess your Purrpaw likes baseball - based upon the username?
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Hello and a big welcome from sox and jazzy in the United Kingdom
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hey there Slugger and the Professor. Welcome to TCS. I think you're pretty clever working out how to use the laptop. Good job guys!
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Welcome Slugger and Professor! Thanks for the introduction!
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Welcome to TCS!! What interesting names you both both sound adorable too
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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The Professor


Peace out!

Slugger and the Professor
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Slugger and Professor you are both so Good Looking
Welcome to TCS
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