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Misty is delivering...

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I just heard meowing and I look behind my one chair and Misty has already had 3 kittens. They are HUGE compaired to Mittens kittens. I don't know if she's done or not, so I'll keep you posted.
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Well it's been a while since that 3rd kitten, so I think she might be done.
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Woops I spoke too soon. She JUST had a 4th.
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Please post pictures as soon as you can I love new kittens!
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Yaaaaaa!!! Congratulations!!! How about some pictures.
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YAY! You have 2 litters of kittys to take care of now.
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Yea I know it's crazy. The queens were 2 days apart...oh yea and she JUST had a 5th.

I'm sitting at 11 kittens total now.
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holy moley! lol That is alot of Furbabies!
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Yup, now I can really say I live in a zoo!
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I can't imagine how exciting and tiring it must be to have 2 queens give birth so close together!! How cute they must all be though, congrats
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It's actually kind of crazy and stresssul because I am responisble for 14 cats and kittens right now and it is my responsibility to find all of these babies furever homes and such, so it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Anyways, Misty had 5 kittens and from what I could tell, I've got 4 boys and 1 girl from her.
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Well, bless your little family and (vibes and prayers and hugs and kisses) that all turns out well.
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Congrats on the new arrivals. Good luck finding them all homes when the time comes.
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Congratulations to the two new mommies!!!
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Congrats on the kittens! I'm sure they are just precious!
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OMG i only have 3 babies there 8 weeks now and they are like a heard of elephants and are in to everything they have found my bed now i was rudely awoken at 5am by kitten s biting my toes and clawing my hair i love them to bits they are just so cute
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You had your kittens right about the time we did, right? Mine will be 9 weeks tomorrow-born July 30.
We have 3 babies and I know what you mean about them running and getting into EVERYTHING!!! They are quite active, though one is still a bit shy, he doesn't like to be picked up or held.
Do you have any pics????
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I don't own a digital camera (working on it) (poor student LOL) so, I don't have pics just yet.

Mistys kittens are thriving and getting bigger. They looked like they a week old when they were born haha. They're nice and strong.

They can almost walk (They sort of do now, but don't have the complete co-ordination down yet). Is that normal for 2 day old kittens?
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