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Someone's looking at Smudge tonight!!!

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I put an email out on a work mailing list about little Smudge and someone's coming to look at her tonight!! I actually had 4 people reply interested in her, and I have one coming tonight and one coming on Sunday (I have warned both that they're not the only ones interested...).

The girl coming tonight adopted a 1 1/2 year old boy from a shelter recently and he is very sweet, friendly, playful and laidback boy, and she had planned to adopt a friend for him, and wanted a black kitten initially, but fell in love with the older boy, which makes me think she's a good person for doing that! So hopefully it will work out well!

She still has to wait another 2 weeks before Smudge is big enough to be spayed, and go through the shelter procedures, but she can do all that in the meantime, and hopefully take Smudge home as soon as she's released from being spayed

So keep your fingers crossed everyone!
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I hope she falls in love with Smudge too!!
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oh she will fall in love with Smudge...Hard not too
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how could anyone NOT fall in love with that little black beauty?????
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oh good luck smudgey!!
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Turn on the charm little Smudge! I don't know how anyone could NOT immediately fall in love with that baby kitty.
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Smudgie is sooo cute - anyone would love him at first sight!
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Be your sweet self little Smudge. Good luck tonight!
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As expected, she fell in love with Smudge

She was a really nice girl, knew how to handle a kitten (ie. played, but not too rough), and obviously a real cat lover.

She only just adopted her current cat. She went to the shelter looking for a black kitten, and came home with a partially deaf white adult cat because she was worried nobody would pick him Isn't that lovely? So now, she gets him and the perfect black kitten as well. Someone up there is rewarding her for rescuing the other kitty

I'm sooooo pleased! So I'll keep Smudge for anotehr 2 1/2 weeks, then she'll get spayed, then if all goes well, go home with this girl. She promised photos, so will send them to me and of course I'll post them here!!!
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