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General Kitten Information

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Hello, Im new and Im trying to get information from cat owners on behavior. I have never owned an indoor cat before. I had one outdoor cat (Kitty Siamese Mix)

I just want to know some of the basics. Im planning on adopting a rescued street kitty. Are cats naturals with the litter box? Does it take a long time (like a puppy) to get them litter trained?

I have a 15 month old son, can I teach the kitten to be nice? My son is extremely gentle with animals, we have a 7 month old Collie :-)

Do they poop/pee in clothes, beds etc.?
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Most cats will use a litter tray quite easily, if they are very young they may need some encouragement, rub it's tummy gently after it has eaten and place it on the litter. Ensure that the tray is placed somewhere private for them and that it remains in the same place so that they get used to the routine, regular declumping and cleaning of the tray is obviously essential. Choice of litter is slightly more tricky and is really trial and error, good luck with that. I experienced one evening of accidents on the bedding, the first night we had my two, but they were very tiny and I was having to wean them because they had lost their mother. Your kitten might initially be disorientated, but a regular routine, loads of love, cuddles and toys will help. Your puppy might be a little bit of a problem, young puppies are exhuberent and boisterous by their very nature, and like young children should be watched around the newcomer until he/she has settled in. I do hope your new kitten settles in and everyone is happy.
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