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Tyran learning to open window

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I have three windows in my room and each have wooden shutters on the inside so I can easily open and close them for privacy. Well, Tyran is learning to open the shutters. Normally she'd meow at me in the early hours of the morning to make me get up and open a window for her. Now, she's opening them herself. She has found that if she bumps the wooden shutters a couple of times, one shutter will open slightly and she can use her head to move it aside, allowing her access to the window. This morning she opened two all by herself. I think she's proud of herself. lol.

Do any of your cats have little tricks they do to get what they want?
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Funny you should write about this....Sadie just taught herself how to do that too! Just another reminder to us of just how smart our babies can be.
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Yes! Cats are incredibly smart

When I first got Abby she was 4 months old. I came home from work one day to find the top door of my fridge open. The top door is the freezer. Luckily all I had in there was ice cube trays and other non spoiling items like bread crumbs, nuts, coffee so nothing spoiled. I thought I had left it open by accident before I left for work.

The next day I come home from work and find the same thing. Now I know I can be forgetful, but to forget to close the door 2 days in a row?! I checked and the door didn't seem to swing open on it's own.

One day I was home and heard this dreadful noise in the kitchen. It was banging and "shuffling". I went in and there was Abby hanging from the front of the door and swinging her body from side to side and pushing off with her hind legs, LOL

It was then that I realized it was her, the little stinker, opening the freezer door! I looked inside to see what was so interesting to her and realized that she was trying to get the catnip which was also stored in the freezer.

I ended up taping the freezer shut for weeks after that. She eventually forgot about it and moved on when she realized that she couldn't open the door anymore, hehe
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I have to hide Winston's treats from him, he will go into the drawer if it's open just a little bit and chuck the treats on the floor, he then continues to hold the bottle upside down and bunny kick until the lid pops off and voila! lotsa of treats! woo
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