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My beautiful new kittens

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I usually answer threads, and try not to brag too much, but I have two of the most beautiful, wonderful babies and I wanted to share that with everyone. Merlot is a Ruddy Abysinnian kitten who I got from Fran (who is on this site too). He is exquisite to look at, but it is his purrsonality that blows you away - he hugs you and sucks face! Truley - he is friendly, a little monster who gets into everything and anything and is bringins us immense joy. In one day he jumped into the refrigerator, linen closet and hamper while we tried to clean. Merlot is a dream.

And then Fran's mom knows my husband and I are crazy about blue eyed white cats. Milo, our Household Pet cat show entry and Star, my favorite Munchkin are blue eyed white cats. Now I have an 8 month old blue eyed white oriental shorthair kitten from one of the top breeders of Orientals and Siamese! His name is Beta (as in Siamese Fighting Fish) and, although still a little shy, he has started to bond to me by wrapping his body around my neck.

My daughter laughingly said, "You know mom, you do so much good in the world and I know people like you, but it would be so much easier if your good friends made wine because they would give you bottles of wine. However, all your friends are cat people and give you cats." Personally, I think I am very lucky to have such good friends!
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It is true..if you are around cat people, the chances of bringing home cats are very large. When I moved to CT I had 3 georgous furr babies. After meeting Rene and joining a cat association I am up to 11 plus a dog. Here's an example..I went to Rene's to adopt a munchkin..only her cousin was left so we took the both of them. Went to drop off 2 foster kittens....brought home a kitten. Found out a non standard munchkin was returned because she was a female...brought her home. Just the other day I went to Renes and even though I knew better, I went to the basement with most of the fosters and looked at the 2 litters of kittens in her care. I had such an overwhelming urge to take home the most beautiful tortie kitten!!! However I had to tell myself she needs to find another good home. I think if I took in one more tortie I would have to make a PMS ward in my house!! Rene has several beautiful cats and one day, I am sure she will end up with one of my munchkins that she cant resist!!
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Congrats on the new kittens! Can we see pictures?
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Yes, as soon as Sandie shows me how to post pictures on the site!
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Rene...just e mail the pics to me or give them to me and I will put them on the site for you. The pics have to be linked to some kind of web page.
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Merlot is a monster, but a cute monster, and I warned her about that but she didn't listen. Actually, Merlot is a dream and I can't wait to see him. Also joining Merlot in January will be another addition named Honey. I can't wait to see everyone in May. I miss you guys so much. Rene has shared all of Merlot's antics with me but forgot to mention the fridge, hamper and closet. One good thing is that when you call him, he comes running like a dog. I keep telling her that she needs to do a head count when you have Abys because you never know where they are. I had an Aby named Rocky who is now at the Bridge and very much missed (I've actually got him tattooed on my leg) who use to get into the fridge all the time. I've always looked to make sure he was around before I left the house. Merlot, reminds me of Rocky so much so fair warning Rene, he is and always will be a cute monster.

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Anne, Sandy took my pictures of Merlot tonight and will post them to the site for me, also a picture of my Milo cat, Leon Rey (my rescue from Puerto Rico) and my Selkirk Rex, Fraggle. I will take pictures of Beta this weekend - he is shy and needs to be totally relaxed before I put him through a picture taking experience.

Sandy, thank you for doing the pictures for me - and aren't you glad you met me and increased your cats by, oh a half dozen or so?

Fran, Merlot is perfect - you and I both know that. He is a dream.
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Hey Fran,

Merlot is the most loving cat I've ever met thanks to you. Can I see your tattoo in May? I'll show you mine if you show me yours (I have 4).
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Donna, of course you can see it but I thought you already did. I've had it for 3 years now. I've got 2 but by the time I get home in May, I might have another one. All of my tats are of animals. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad you like Merlot. I make it a point that my cats are face cats (meaning that they are loveable and always in your face).

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