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chronic limping problems with Bear

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I got Bear my golden/lab mix when he was 4 weeks old, I rescued him and his siblings, they were left outside in freezing weather in the mountins with no protection from wild animals

Anyways Bear has always been a very healthy and happy dog. He is now about 11 months old. Ever since Bear was about 5-6 months old he started limping on and off. Sometimes limping very badly, sometimes being a slight limp. I took him to the vets each time he starts limping and each time they never find anything wrong with him. We have done countless x rays, and they cant find anything. The limpng always ends up going away on its own, but it always comes back.

I feel so bad for Bear b/c i never take him out on walks/hikes, im scared he will start limping agian if i take him out.

I wish i knew what caused his limping, the only thing i can think of is that he hurts himself when he plays outside with the other dogs, since i dont walk him cause of this, its not exercise that is causing it.

Has anyone here ever experianced something like this?

I would love to be able to take Bear on a walk without fear of him limping later on in the day.
I dont know what to do.

He was limping badly last week, but so far this week he seems to be doing fine. I really want to take him on a walk, he is a big dog and needs to get out.

what should i do?
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Have you tried joint supplements??? What are you feeding him???
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Is the limping always in the same leg or does it move around? Do you have ticks in your area? Has your vet tested for Lyme disease?
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My dog Stockey (11 years old) has a limp that comes and goes in his front left wrist from a soft tissue injury to a tendon or ligament. He sprung it while retrieving a ball about 2 years ago and will favor it if he over exerts (which is easy at his age). The vet did x-rays and never found anything on the films, either. Fortunately, he didn't have to have surgery.

I'd recommend that you be persistent until you find an answer to Bear's problem. He's such a young pup and it's a shame that he's missing out on his walks and other fun activities because of this chronic problem. I hope your vet will work with you to find the cause and a treatment for his pain.

A second opinion from another vet or a referral to a specialist might be in order if they can't figure out what's going on.

Good luck!
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id have the vet redo xrays-- it may be pano-- its a problem sometimes in young larger breed dogs like GSDs and Labs/Goldens and such. It generally resolves on its own.

Good luck in you quest for answers!
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