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Hello from my bad kitties!

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I'm new to the boards and since I've alreadt posted a problem in the behavorial forum I thought I'd better come say hello and introduce my trouble makers. LOL

Frankie is my first born. It was 1998 and I was dating a musician and we had just gotten back to the lead singers house after a show to party a little. It was their last show as a band. It was late at night and I guess all the noise we were making woke her up. She was trapped under the front porch and was crying so loud that I could hear her from the 2nd story bathroom. I had been talking to my boyfriend about wanting a cat. We all went to investigate. The porch was wood but had been concrete before and all the old broken up cement was still under there. They tried using food to coax her out but she just kept crying. Eventually someone got a flashlight and we saw that she was really tiny and her eyes weren't even open. The tools came out at that point. The pulled up enough boards for me to reach in and grab her. When I pulled her out she quieted down immidetaly. She was so tiny and cute and sweet (wonder what happened?!). My boyfriend just looked at me and said "You wanted a cat right? Is this one ok?" While I wrapped her up and comforted her the guys went to a 24hour store and got some baby formula and a tiny bottle. She was flea infested but otherwise seemed pretty healthy. We got her to the vet a few days later and he told us she was a week old at most and gave us some special shampoo for the fleas. We couldn't use regular stuff because of her age. It was quite an experience raising a kitten and something I would never change... even if she is peeing on my kitchen floors everyday. Fortunately my fiance (not the same guy btw) understands the bond I have with her and won't even listen when I threaten (with no real intention) to get rid of her.

Then along came Wickett (sometimes one t sometimes two). My brother was living w/ this german woman who had cats in her garage. Well, eventually there were several litters and she was trying to find them homes. I went over w/ my fiance to look at them with no real intention of taking one home... but we all know how that goes. There were so many cute cats but one stuck out. He looked like the runt... all dark and fuzzy and lovey. So, he came home with us. Introductions were a little stressfull but they get along now. Actually in the sun his coat was pointed. He was a dark brown w/ plack points. Now he all black and has super long hair. He has a bit of a thing for Q-tips... something about the cotton I think and I've had to install child locks on the bathroom cupboards to keep him from the Q-tips. He'd hide them under the rugs for later. I'm convinced that he's a dog trapped in a cat's body. He follows up everywhere... he plays fetch... and he's so chatty. I think my favorite thing is how he wasn't to go to the potty with who ever is in there. He' my handsome devil and he's lucky he's so damn cute.

So, hello from me and my kitties. We look forward to getting to know everyone. This board seems like a really nice place.
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Welcome to the site all of you

What a pair of cherubs they are! Have you any more pictures of them?
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Hi and welcome! Yes, more piccies, please!!!
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Hello and welcome .... your babies are beautiful !!! Great intro, too !
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I'm so glad you all like pictures because I do too. I need more good ones...most I've taken w/ my phone and the resolution is pretty bad. So, ask and ye shall recieve...
Here's a pic of wickett a few days after we brought him home... you can really see the points.

And what cat doesn't love milk?

Oh... a paw... I should punce on it! (notice Frankie's big but hanging off the edge.)

And I don't have cats... I have pigs! LOL

I can't wait till I have enough posts for a siggy to show them off in. For now I'm glad you all like pics.
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Hi from the UK.

Lovely cats, keep the piccies coming
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Welcome! You're cats look like a ton of fun!
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Beautiful kitties!!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. I definately have my hands full with them. Just made a siggy too... hope it works.
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Love the one of Wickett drinking from the glass.
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I'm glad to finally see what your "troublemaker" looks like!!! Qickett is such a little puffball.....mine get their heads stuck in the drinking glasses, though!

Oh yes, and it's not that Frankie has a big butt, it's that the "cubby" has shrunk over time!
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Wickett's head is way too big now. That pic was from when he was only 10ish weeks I'm sure he would get stuck now. Frankie is my troublemaker... but the key word there is mine. As problamatic as she can be I love her to pieces!

Ya, the cubby shrunk... that's it... just like my pants did! LOL

I recently learned that my digital camera is broken though so no more new pics unitl I can get a new one. Maybe something to put on my christmas list... hmmm
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