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I'm sorry to hear about Ginger. He probably thought he'd found heaven four years and a month ago. You are so right; don't ignore the strays!

Oberon was a stray when my husband adopted him. He was eating out of garbage cans at a friend's house, and the friend told us about a cat with a collar that kept hanging around. Then, the friend said the cat lost the collar, so we went to pick him up.

He struggled against us for about 30 minutes, splaying his legs out so we couldn't put him in the carrier and physically struggling when we'd pick him up. But he never bit or scratched us! Finally, I felt him give a big sigh and he gave up and we took him home.

He's an old guy now, and hyperthyroid and in CRF, but he just had his checkup this morning, and his heart is strong and he's hydrated. Right now he eats what he wants (high-quality foods, no fish) and we were told that he's comfortable and not in pain, and we will be happy for every day we have with him.

There's more on Oberon in my profile.
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I'm so glad this got bumped -- I hadn't read it before. Ginger was a lucky cat to spend his last four years in a loving home. What a relief it must have been to him when he realized he didn't have to fend for himself anymore!

I wish there was someone like you for every stray in the world.
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I am so sorry for your loss. You gave Ginger the best years of his life.
Although I haven't seen any strays in my area, all three of my cats and their moms were strays before the adoption agency rescued them and I adopted them. Jiggy was born in the woods, Sophia in a trailer park, and Gette, well all we know is her father was a traveling salesman.
My sister feeds and neuters a colony of 9 feral cats in her neighborhood in NY and fosters and finds homes for whatever kittens are in the area. RIght now she's fostering a little fellow who may have a home soon. Mind you, she's got 7 cats of her own in a one-bedroom apartment.
Anyway, because of other people's kindness, my three "dopies" have all come into my life and I would never ignore a stray or feral cat. How could I live with myself if I did? No way.
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Thank you for all your responses, I am so glad that there are people who take notice of the strays out there, I just wish there were more people like us around, or that people who can't cope with fostering or helping out at a shelter would realise that there are so many little things they can do, such as helping us out with food, or things for us to sell.
Ginger was one of the lucky ones, I wish there weren't so many unwanted kitties in the world, this year seems to have been the worst so far, I have fostered more cats this year than previously - I did want to beat last years numbers, so far I have doubled it and added a few, and we still have another 3 months to go yet. I think Ginger has been doing some work - before he went, the bulk of my fosters came from owners, since he went 8 out of the 11 (excluding the kittens) have been strays, only 3 have come from owners.
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