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Daily Thread Thursday Sept 28

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Well, looks like I am the first one in again today.... sure wish I didn't go to work early....

Well, NO HOLIDAY PICTURE AGAIN. Them folks at American Greetings are making me :pissed: ... but today is St. Wencelas Day, which apparently has something to do with beer? I'll hafta look that one up.

Cool day with some rain later here, but since I'm stuck at work I don't mind.

Have a great day TCSers!
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Good Morning!! I am coming down wiht a cold. I am sneezy and snotty this morning! And tired even though I slept well last night. Semi busy day at work today so I have to get to it!
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Good day all!

A bit of a non starter today! Not quite sure where to start, so haven't....really!

Will get to sorting and things in a minute....honest!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!
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It is going to be a BORING day today at work--my Boss and my Boss's boss are both at a conference in London and have been traveling for two weeks, so the list of stuff to do while they are gone is completed and I have 2 more days to try to think of outstanding projects to do.

Its hot and humid today, hopefully I will get out right at 5 to go to Pre College Football Happy Hour!
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Te day is starting out sunny but cool (40F)
Well my usual produce run to one of my clients and then to another to finish what I was going to do Tuesday but didn't have time at another. A different client wants me to give them a yearly maintenance bid/contract-I'll get this job but have to figure out how to write this up!!

Got up very early this am as Ox had diarrhea in many rooms-he is resting on a blanket on a bench in the garage now. The joys of having a senior cat.

Meanwhile last night Bakker had a terrible twos epsiode and was racing around family room.

Picked tomatoes and peppers this morning and am making a batch of marina and made meatballs for metaball lasange tonite. Cooked up some potatoes to make some twice baked potatoes for the freezer. This cool weather gets me in a cooking mood!!
Frost warning for tonite and as my veg garden is in a low area I will have to cover my basil and some of my tomato plants.

Have a good day!!!
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Good Morning All!!!

I had a rough nights sleep last night.....someone was banging on my door at 1am, to tell me that the lights were on in Hubby's truck... odd huh??? I didn't open the door, cause I was in my pj's, and well, that's dangerous... but I was "panicked" awake....where my heart was going 100mph. And of course Luck had to know what was going on....and the copy kitten had to follow ! I have to actually get something done tonight....I have been soooooo lazy every night....

Hope you all have a great day!!!
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Pouring rain and very dark out today! Supposed to get cooler and rain very heavily at times! Oh, well, at work!
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Hi all!
Late for work again, and no energy to really care. Just stopped in to say hi!
I miss being able to just sit here and do nothing. (like I did some yesterday! )

Oh well, everyone have a great day, keep warm and enjoy your lives!
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