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I was truly hoping that this wouldn't happen for quite a few years to come, but sadly it isn't meant to be. My neighbour found Ginger about 30 mins ago, and sadly he had already gone. He was nowhere near the road, and had only left Harolds about 5 mins previously, so it looks like it is natural causes, not sure I can bring myself to have an autopsy done to make sure though. It was only a month ago I was celebrating his 15th birthday adn the fact I had had him for 4 years - none of mine have ever got to that age, or had that long with me. He was a very special cat, and will always hold a place in my heart, and I am trying to take some comfort in the fact that I picked him up from the streets, and that his teeth were so bad that he wouldnt have survived much longer if he had been left, so he got a wonderful 4 years here, and saw a lot of cats come and go - he can now go and meet his friend Snowy, the only one that he got on with. Everybody who met him loved him, he was such a little character, and was well known round here, esp to the houses he liked 'visiting'. My neighbours had never known such a laid back cat, nothing fazed him. RIP my little man.

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Awwww i'm so sorry bless his little cotton socks He's gorgeous as well

Ginger sweetie, you have fun over at the bridge because theres plenty of things for you to do there and lots of lazing around in the sunshine

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Oh no! I simply can't believe this

Ginger was and always will be a star, such a gently little man with so much love to share! I feel honoured to have met him and experienced exactly what a wonderful cat he was!

You were both very lucky to have shared such a special time together and I know that Ginger will always watch over you with Snowy!

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Ginger! RIP

You are in my heart and thoughts
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oh I am sorry, what a shame
but you are right you gave him some very, very special loving years and now he will be playing with his friends
RIP Ginger - god bless
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Thanks folks - I am still struggling to belive that my little man is gone. But, he spent his morning doing what he liked to do best - wander in and out of Harolds, which is a comfort.
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So sorry to hear about your special guy crossing the Bridge. May he and Snowy play happily now, and watch over you from their beautiful place.
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What a beautiful picture of Ginger.
Play with Snowy at the Bridge until you are all together again.
Rest in Peace sweet boy.
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So sorry about your sweet boy, he is so HANDSOME, Take comfort in knowing how well you took care of him and he lived this long because of you
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how wonderful you made the last years of his life! to you during this painful time...
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I'm sorry about your loss of Ginger. Just think about how wonderful his last 4 years were with you, being cared for rather than left alone outside.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge with Snowy, Ginger!
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Sorry for your loss. RIP Ginger, play happily over the Bridge.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Ginger sounds like a lovely kitty, and I'm sure you will miss him so much. You were a blessing to him in his final years. Sounds like he did very well right up to the end...hard on you, of course, but at least you know he never suffered.

Rest in peace, dear Ginger.
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Condolences on your loss of Ginger. He is so handsome in the pic. You are right that you gave him 4 wonderful years, and that he got "called home" suddenly. Sometimes it's more difficult cuz you don't get the chance to "prepare" yourself, but he was spared the agony of slowly fading away. Unless you suspect that he died of some kind of poisoning or other environmental hazard that could claim the life of another cat or a child, perhaps it's better to not have any exams. You could use the monetary resources in some sort of memorial action, such as making a donation in his name to a kitty rescue. No matter what, Ginger will love you forever and Heaven is very blessed to have such a wonderful cat. I hope that your wonderful memories are of comfort to you.
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I'm really sorry for your loss <3 Ginger was a beautiful cat. Try to remember he's at the bridge now, playing happily, and that you saved his life and gave him a wonderful four years. xx
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Please humour my rambling, it is my way of coming to terms with things, and I normally get some warning about this and can start coming to terms with things before hand, but not this time - i have known for a long time that losing Ginger would be hard, but like most people, thought I would have some warning (he is the only one of mine to have gone naturally and with no sign of illness - his heart murmur had been checked recently and was fine), and that I would have time to accept it. Today was hard, I was on the verge of tears all day, and as I work in a small office, loads of people knew and were asking if I was OK, which made me worse. I have been able to look at pics of him though, as while it is a shock, I know that I gave him a chance, and had 4 wonderful years in return, I was just hoping for 4 more. But, he was a quiet, unassuming cat who was never any bother, the only major health issues we had was 3 dentals and a fatty lump removal, and was even teh same in death, we didn't have to go through a long drawn out illness with me wondering how far to let things go for him, he chose a nice spot at the end of the street (although not where he would normally choose) and went quietly, typical Ginger. His brother is still alive, so he really was the unlucky one. I am going to get a tattoo of a pawprint done in his memory for my birthday - my sis thinks i should have his name or initial under, but then I would have to do it for all the others, and I somehow think I would end up with a lot of initials if I went down that route (6 so far and I still have 2 permanent cats - and am only 24!!), so I will stick with the pawprint, and while I know it is in his memory, it is a universal thing really.
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The Bridge is a safe place to share you feelings of sorrow and loss with us.
We are here for you.... ((((hugs))))
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Ginger was obviously a wonderful kitty. You gave him four wonderful years he might not have had otherwise. RIP at the Rainbow Bridge Ginger. Hugs
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The land of catnip trees and fishponds, he'll be with Snowy. It is sad but he had 4 years of love and companionship. Roly, Macavity and send our thoughts.
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Bit of a pics overload am afraid, and I haven't even put all the nice ones on.

One of the last ones of him, there was loads of stuff on the sofa, but he had to squeeze himself on!!

Typical Summer Ginger

nother fav sunning spot

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Aw, what a sweety. Rest In Peace Ginger..You will be missed.
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IT is hard to believe that this time last week Ginger was still with me, but things are getting easier, I didn't cry at all yesterday.
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Ginger was such a beautiful boy...
His colors look like the sun, even in the snow.

Play in the sunshine at the Bridge Ginger,
until you are with your Mommy again.
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Desley I am so very very sorry you have lost your Sweet baby Ginger

You have had more than your share of heartbreak in the past weeks and My heart and thoughts are with you

I know Ginger had a hard life before you came into his life and I know its hard not to think about what he went through in his life,but please know Desley,the day you entered his life the bad times became a distant memory for him and after time those bad memories didn't matter anymore....because he had you,and he loved YOU....
and that is all that mattered to him.

I am sorry I will never get the chance to meet the special little guy.

R.I.P Ginger Sweet baby boy Play happily at the bridge forever surrounded by all the love and warmth you will ever need and watching over your meowmy,who still loves you and misses you so very much.
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I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful thing that this cat was rescued and lived out his life with someone to love him. It encourages me about our Mattie. She is a rescue and is still adapting to our household and two more cats. Your story gives me hope and a reason to keep on trying to deal with her. Bless you for loving Ginger and giving such a good home. Hugs to you. I pray your wonderful memories will strenthen you and encourage you.
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Thanks folks. FF - things aren't any easier, one of the fosters is now ill!!

i do hope that he forgot about all his bad times, and I can rest happy knowing that I didn't do what everyone else did and think that feeding him was good enough, I debated for 6 days purely cos of costs (ignoring the fact that only 9 weeks earlier I hadn't wanted one cat, never mind 2), then went and picked him up - I will never ever regret that, I know that I gave him what no one else would, and that was a loving home. He had a good life here, he had about 6 houses he could get into for either food, or a bed, as his 'stray habits' never quite left him!!

I am also sorry you never got the chance to meet him, he was a wonderful cat, and will always be in my heart.

Bugaboo - I do hope you succeed with Mattie, it would be lovely for another cat to get a wonderful home.
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I am so very, very sorry. The photo of him is peaceful and happy - I have no doubt he'll bring so much comfort to the kitties of the RB ... and heaven must've needed him in quite a hurry to put out the call so fast, my dear. Hugs and prayers for you!
Peace & Love to you~
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I'm so sorry. Rest in peace Ginger, play happily at the bridge.
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IT is 3 weeks today, and with everything else that has been going on, i haven't really had that much chance to realise how differnt the house is now - my screensaver at work is various pics of cats, and his came up loads yesterday, I can smile at them, but it has made me realise just how quiet the house is these days, and what a hole he has left, esp now all the health issues are all sorted. I can't believe how quiet the house seems now (although that was mainly due to Tom being rehomed).
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What a gorgeous boy he was

Play happily over the Bridge Ginger.
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IT has been a bad week this week, what with the anniversary of my neighbours cat and one of my lodgers dying, so it has brought my feelings of loss over Ginger up to the surface again. I still can't believe he isn't here anymore.
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