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Hostile Takeover

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There has been a coup in my house.

Once, I was the almighty ruler--provider of food, walks and attention. All bowed before me and did cool tricks for cookies. I ran a tight ship. No dog of mine would ever dare bark at me for food, or paw at me for attention. Nothing in life is free, and my dogs live and die by that. I am the leader and you must earn your rewards.

Then, we got a cat.

She is fabulously useless and unbelievably bossy. I fear that she may have a negative influence on my dogs.

She now rules with an iron paw. She chases my smaller dog LT away from the water bowl when she wants a drink. She screams and hisses at her when LT is on the couch and Her Royal Majesty Fat Harriet (HRMFH) wants up on the couch. (She doesn't share).

Neither of the dogs will look her in the eye. I witnessed my bigger dog, Cash, give her a deferential face lick earlier today. And then he backed away slowly and I swear, he was keeping his head down.

Harriet has the nerve to scream at me when I move in my sleep and wake her RMMFH up. If I attempt to give her a manicure I am bitten or scratched. If her food is not delievered on time, I am subject to a good verbal thrashing.

And God help us all if the litterbox isn't clean.

I had heard that dogs have owners and cats have staff, but now I know, truer words were never spoken.

HRMFH is howling at me. Better go check on her.
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You are officially owned by a cat CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Its beautiful isnt it ?
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