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I need HELP! I don't know what to do

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I have an 18 year old cat. A few years back, I had his left eye removed due to gloucoma. Now his right eye has the same problem, but I maintain it with xalatan. The eye doctor says he isn't in pain. He also has Kidney disease, but the vet says it isnt that bad. About 3 months ago, I moved. He started meowing very loud but ONLY after the bathroom and after he ate. NOW, he keeps me up all night long meowing, more like screaming to the top of his lungs! The vet said he may be doing this because of hyperthyroidism. He was tested and it turned out he is, slightly. He has been on medication for a month now and he continues to scream all day and all night. Mostly after he eats or goes to the bathroom. Since the medicine, he has thrown up atleast twice weekly. The vet doesn't have many answers. I'm confused. I don't know what to do, I feel so bad. I've had him since I was 7 years old.

Is there anyone out there that has a similair situation with a screaming cat? I think it might be that time, I need a miracle
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I know there are many on the board with hypothyroidism in older cats ( it is not all that uncommon)... What are you feeding??? dry>?? wet?? Has kitty lost wt ??
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Has he had follow-up blood work to make sure that the levels have evened out and the doseage was right? Also, I would have the vet check your kitty's blood pressure--high blood pressure can cause excessive vocalization. Do you have any nightlights? If he is having trouble seeing, he could be calling to try to find you or to figure out his surroundings.
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He is on prescription diet K/D, wet and dry. He doesn't like the wet food unless it has chicken in it, and even still he doesnt eat it. I give him fancy feast sometimes as a treat but his eating habits never changed. He eats alot, he doesn't drop weight. Drinks alot of water. The vet told me he has all the symptoms of hyperthyriod but he had to have an extensive blood test done to figure it out. My cat seems to be a mystery =( His meowing is startling.
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I don't think it is a seeing problem because he cried a little back at home, where he lived for many years. He did check for high blood pressure. It came back negative, hes fine. The vet started him out on half the dosage because of his kidney failure, he said hyperthyroidism has an advantage to cats with kidney failure, it speeds up his organs, which helps them. (in this case his kidneys) So we uped his dosage to the whole pill and he was throwing up so i cut it back down, but he still throws up. I mean with all this going on, what is your opinion? Like i said, he has kidney failure, gloucoma, he cant hear or see.... I know this sounds horrible but he manages fine, its just his screaming.
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I completely understand screaming cats--Odo is very conversational at all hours. Is there a possibility that there are cats outside that he can smell or sense? Odo's yelling is worse if I have the windows open, and it is unbearable when it is hot out because the neighbor cats come sit on my porch and drive Odo crazy. For a long time I didn't realize that they were contributing to the problem, but we ruled out all the medical possibilities we could think of, and I noticed he was quieter on days the other cats weren't around as much. He still talks plenty, but it is not as loud as it once was.

Another possibility is that he could be getting a little deaf or a little senile. Both situations can cause kitties to scream for no apparent reason.

I belong to a Yahoo Group for humans with senior cats (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/SeniorCat/). One of the group leaders has tons of information on balancing hyperthyroidism and kidney insufficiency. She has pointed out on several occasions that methimazole/Tapazole hides kidney problems--it doesn't stop them from getting worse. Keeping the thyroid level high can also affect other organs, especially the heart.
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18 is a good old age for a cat. Considering the problems he has, I don't think it would be unreaasonable to consider euthanasia if you feel he is uncomfortable and not able to be helped enough
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Hi there, I've had several kitties with hyperthyroidism, the oldest, since passed, was in his late teens with chronic renal failure when his Thyroid test results began creeping up from normal to high norm to very high norm...add to this that he began night howling, and we decided to treat him for hyperthyroidism. Once we did, the night howling and agitation stopped.

My current oldster while not doing any howling, did come back with a high T4 (thyroid test) and we had to up his medication dose considerably to get it back under control.

Since vomitting due to nausea/increased stomach acid is common with kitties in renal failure, unless you are currently treating your kitty with a vet suggested antacid, this may be the cause.

If you have never done so, please go here, and read the entire site..it is the best on the net for accurate, and very detailed information on chronic renal failure, associated issues such as treating a cat with renal failure for hyperthyroidism etc.

best wishes to you with your kitty,
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