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Tuesday DT

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What a horrible day! I was sick all week end with the stomach flu. I really didn't feel like working today, but I thought that I would be working in the "easy" department so I would survive. Within an hour they switched me to the "tough" job. Just before lunch I had a 30 year old man on the phone hysterically crying. At the end of the call he treatened suicide. I had to go tell our manager who has been trying to call him back, but he isn't answering. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do to help this man. Sometimes the law sucks!

How is everyone else's day?
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Oh, that's horrible about that man. I hope he didn't do it.
I hope you're feeling better. I'm getting a terrible cold that's been going around my house for the past two weeks. I'm the last to get it, but I hope it doesn't last too long...we're going to the cabin on Friday. (Socks will love that... a five hour car ride . She's usually okay after she gets over being in her travelling crate...)
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Cool and overcast, here. Off today. Did a little shopping. Factory-2-U had some cute tops and pants, on sale. Got a gauze peasant top but the pants turned out to be polyester - UGH! Had to buy a new wrist splint, too. My old one was white and got washed so often, that it fell apart.

Later, off to the library, for my weekly book fix.

Ike and the cats are snoozing, with brief bursts of romping by Rowdy and Ike. Opie,of course, is above it all.

Ho-hum - think I'll take a snooze, too.
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I have developed a nasty headache - I think I am going home!
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Sounds like a lot of us are having bad days. We got a call from the apartment we are hoping to move into, and there's a discrepancy between the credit report and my bankruptcy. The BK says it was an account with Citifinancial, and the credit report says Citibank, but with the same amount owed. Understandibly, the management of the apartments need documentation that it was the same account. I have spent an hour and a half on the phone with various departments of Citibank, who can't help because the account isn't in their system, and Citifinancial, who apparently doesn't really have anyone staffed in the right department. It has been a lesson in frustration today.

Hope everyone else's day is more productive than mine. Cindy - I envy your day to relax with the furries. Ady and SockiesMom, I hope you are both feeling better soon.
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Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Do you work in a call center of some sort dealing with employment? Hopefully the man who called was just talk.

I'm not doing anything special, except for my interview, which I hope goes well. I should have the interview with the client tomorrow. The lady from the agency called me earlier while I was at the mall, and then called my cell phone to leave a message saying how she wanted to meet with me, and that she had tried to call my home, but the phone was busy. So, when I got home to call her back, I picked up the phone in the bedroom, and there was no dial tone, and I could also hear my cell phone going off. So, I went back into the kitchen & SOMEONE had knocked the phone off the hook while I was gone! I'm assuming it was either Gizmo or Scooter; most likely Gizmo, because he does stufflike that. I ened up calling her back & she was laughing. I guess he wanted to be mommy's secretary.
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Wow, today is a bad day for everyone. First off I am so ticked off at my mortgage company that I am seeing red. Here is a little background:

My husband and I have sparkling clean credit, never had any problems. Well when we purchased our home, the mortgage company made an error and posted 2 of our payments to somebody else's account. We noticed it and called them, and they corrected it. No big deal. Ok, fast forward 2 years, my husband receives a copy of his credit report and we notice that we have a delinquency on our mortgage from those same two payments. So we call them, and fax them everything, and they say "oh yes it was our error, we will correct it". They even sent us a letter saying that it would be off of the credit report within 60 days.

Ok, fast forward again to today. I call my bank to apply for an equity line so we can do some renovations, and they have a call center where you just get approved right while you wait. So, the girl takes all my info, then puts me on hold, then comes back and says "I don't see any problems at all, but can you tell me if there is an explanation for the deliquencies on your mortgage just so I can notate it in your file". I was like "what the *&#@*&$&@" ??????

So, I explained it all to her and although she was very understanding and said it would probably have no effect on our equity, I was really angry that they hadn't fixed it.
So, I call the mortgage company, and they look thru the file and say, yes we did fix it and we don't know why it didn't go thru. Go ahead and fax everything AGAIN and we will take care of it.
Can you say incompetent??????????? I was so irritated that I was finding it hard to stay calm.

Sorry about the rant. But boy, it feels good to just totally let it out, cause I am still fuming. I called them this evening, and they said it was 'taken care of' and should be off of the report within 60 days again. We'll see. If its not off this time, I'm contemplating buying a plane ticket to WA state and going to see them in person to be sure its fixed. LOL

Whew, I feel better now!!!!!!
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That would pmo off, too! Hopefully it will be fixed! If not, I would say if they don't fix it within a certain time, you are going to go with a new mortgage company, LOL. We took a home equity out last year..... a $15,000 one. I wish we never would have, but we did end up paying a bill off, taking a great vacation, got some stuff for the house. So, we really can't complain. Once we re-finance, it will no longer be a burden paying 2 mortgages at 2 different times.
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Daniela - from my experience today, and in the past year, it actually may not be your mortgage company's fault. The Credit Reporting people just stink, and it really isn't a priority to them to fix any errors. Like with my BK, they have all the accounts that were discharged listed at the bottom, but they also have about half of them listed as not being rectified and as just plain bad marks on my credit. And of course, not all of the account numbers match up, so someone looking at the report can't just match up 1 and 1, because it is 123456789 and 123456.

One other thought - make sure that your mortgage company is taking it off of ALL THREE credit reporting agencies. Of course, with your background in banking you probably already know that. I'm learning the hard way about all this cr@p.
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Well, I actually think that it is the credit bureaus error, but the initial problem began w/ my mortgage company so I am just po'd at them. If they had posted my payment correctly the first time, none of this would be happening. They did attempt to fix it once, and they say that even though they notified the credit bureau to fix it they apparently never did.

As far as them reporting to all 3, I believe they are. I actually haven't seen my other two agency reports, so I don't even know if it is on there. I'm going to wait the 60 days and then pull a report to see what was done. I am hoping and praying they fix it, because if it drags on much longer I am really going to be angry. I already am actually.

Thanks for the support guys!!
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Sorry you're ill, Ady. BTW, whatever happened to the caller you posted about earlier who started theatening to commit suicide??? I have always heard suicide threats should be taken very seriously, and I hope things have worked out in this man's best interests.
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Been waiting for the potential new client to arrive from California. he called earlier and they have shut down Hwy 191 because of all the fires. They were re-routing him way out of the way so he may or may not show up tonight, but will be here tomorrow or the next day. He said the smoke was so thick in places that people were literally just stopped in the middle of the highway waiting for it to clear and he saw a lot of accidents.

It is hot and muggy here today adding to the problem of the smoke not moving, so I guess only time will tell. I just always feel so sorry for the wildlife that persishes in fires such as the ones raging right now. At least humans have reason and logic and can usually survive if warned in time. So right now it is vegging on the couch with hubby until later when I will go and work the horses.
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Well, today's about over....and for me that means the end of summer vacation and back to school tomorrow. Seeing a paycheck will be nice, but July just seemed to vanish too quickly for me.

I'll log in with my disasters of the day. Palm technical support almost crashed my computer. The tech support person had me do something that made my computer unable to boot up and then said, "Oops, sorry. You'll have to contact Apple to fix that." (for 50 bucks, mind you). Thank God I figured out how to solve the problem myself.

I went to school for a brief while. My new office is a complete disaster with a ton of files to go through. Plus, the computer I have is about 8 years old. Now I have to catch our technology specialist in a good mood and beg for a better computer. Ugh.
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Sorry to hear everyone has had such a bad day! I hope you are feeling better Ady, and Daniela, I hope you get everything straightened out with those idiots! What a headache that must be!

My day hasn't been peachy either. I have been worrying all day because I figured out that when I go back to work, after the baby is born, I will be completely out of FMLA if she gets sick, or I get sick, I could be in danger of losing my job if I leave.
We only get so many days that we can leave work unexcused, and I have used a few of them, and if I had to use a few more, I'd be screwed.
I have to wait clear till next summer to get most of my FMLA time back. This is scaring me a bit. I am trying not to worry, because it won't do any good, and it is something I just have to play by ear. Maybe we both will be healthy for several months. I can't stop worrying about it though. I certainly won't be able to afford to lose my job with a new baby. I could maybe have my mother-in-law pick up the baby and watch her for a couple days while I was at work, if she got sick...but I feel like I'd be a bad mom doing that, instead of taking care of her myself.

I'm probably just worrying about nothing, I do that alot. I'm sure it will all work out somehow. If worse comes to worse my husband might have to take a day or two off work to watch her, if I absolutley can't leave work. I'm sure he won't like that, and his boss would have a fit, but such is life. He's less likey to lose his job over it than I would be.

I hope tomorrow has a better day in store for all of us!!!
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If you *were* to get sick, can't you just go to the doctor and have him/her write you a note excusing you or the baby? I guess, though, all companies are like that. At hubby's work (and my ex-employee), they give you 40 hours of sick leave. After that, they give you 3 call-ins, but after that you get written up, unless you have a doctor's excuse. Since he works 12 hours, that only equals to be 3 days and a half!

I dont think that there should be an X amount of sick time. I realize that yes, there are some of there who abuse a system, but I'm sure most people are honestly sick.

I'm sure you'll be ok! Don't stress over it, because you'll just make yourself miserable. Like me....... I worry what we will do if I dont find a job before Sept. 13th.....
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I'm sure you will find a job by then, have had such good prospects.

I can't just have the doctor write me a note excusing me or the baby because of illness. The company policy where I work (which is stupid, IMO) Is that a Doctors excuse does no good. It is still counted as unexcused, UNLESS you or your child are sick enough to warrant the doctor filling out FMLA papers, and saying you need to be off work for more than 3 days. I have had several docotrs complain about this, because they say just a note from them should be enough..but not according to where I work. So if I am out of FMLA time, I am screwed even if the doctor says I need to be off work, or the baby is very ill. They would count that as my "allowed" unexcused days, and if I go over my limit...bye bye...don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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Debby - how horrible. I am very lucky that my employer pays 15 sick days a year!

Daniela - I have issues with big banks - they often don't care the mistakes they make as long as it doesn't overtly affect them.

Lorie - I haven't had an update on the caller - they haven't managed to reach him. I think my manager called the police, but no news back yet.
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Debby, don't stress about the baby getting sick. They, really aren't THAT fragile. You're not a bad mother, if hubby or MIL takes care of the baby. MY mom spent a lot of time, in pediatricians' offices, with my kids. I gave her a medical power of attorney, for the times that I was hard to reach, during an emergency.

I was a single mom, most of the time and I was grateful, for the backup. The kids were better off, for having their grandparents there, too.
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Thanks! I feel a little better about it this morning...still worried, but not as much.
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I think everything will go ok for you And, don't think of yourself as a bad mother if you can't stay home with Amber..... I think you'll be a great mom! What time is your changing table supposed to arrive?
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I'm not sure of the time, I should check that!
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