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Kera gets to go to school

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Kera gets to go to school next week for my sons show and tell day. Has anyone ever brought a pet to a show and tell? Can anyone share there exper. with me Thanks. I want to be ready for the day dont want Kera to be scared when she gets to school there will be lots of new people there. Any ideas on how to make this as easy as poss for Kera and the kids at school. THANKS

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I'm not sure about any advice, but, WOW! Isn't she the cutest little thing?! Best of luck with the show and tell!!
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Heck, just take the pictures, they speak for themselves! Or set the photos up as a slide show on a lap top. This averts attention away from the speaker and makes things a lot easier. Just supply the dialog, and in fact, you can even do that ahead of time! With pictures, your beautiful feline will be the center of attraction, taking much of the pressure off.
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Good luck with that Make sure you keep her on a harness and leash, which I know you will.
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Just make sure she has lots of treats so she feels at homish..she may be stressed.
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I would think she would be stressed, too. I like the picture idea. Cats are very territorial and can become unsettled in strange places with strange people.
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Awww look at that sweet baby!! She is such a cutie pie.
I'm no help with the show and tell either.I've always just let mine take in pics of their furbabys.I had to print ones of Sapphire and Mia the other day for them to take to school.
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Thank you all for the advice The day to bring Kera into school has been pushed back a until next week so i have some time to plan now so that is good too. Yes I plan on keeping it short as possible too so I dont upset Kera. She does well with my 2 little boys but 20 little one is alot diff then 2 so hopfully it will go ok.
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