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weird bumps

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hi, i am a total worry-wort when it comes to my cat.
shes my only close friend.

anyway, i was petting her last night and noticed a little bump on her cheek area on her head. she has very long fur, and i tried to get a good look at it. it looks and feels like there is a scab on it. i figured maybe she scratched herself too much there, or maybe a bug bit her. today i was petting her and noticed another smaller bump on her neck. then another even smaller one after that in another area on her neck. i just checked her over and found another one under her chin. does anyone know what these could be??? they all feel like there are little scabs on them. her fur is so dense though, i can barely see them.

she is eating, drinking, pooping and acting normally.

any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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I had something very similar with my cat Misty. She has since passed away but not due to the "bumps". She has small scabs on her which seemed to go away or get much better when I trimmed her nails. I assume that she was just scratching herself too hard. Try trimming your cats nails and see if it helps, if not I would definately get a Vet's opinion. Keep us updated.
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They could be scratches. Do you have any other kitties that she may have been tussling with? Another possibility might be allergies. My Whiskers (RIP over 5 years ago) had allergies and had lots of bumps until the vet started him on a series of allergy shots. He did very well on them and lived to be almost 18. I would definitely get her checked out by the vet.
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