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kittens eat like they are starving

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My little 10 week old kittens eat each meal as if we were starving them! They just inhale their food with such vigor one would think we never fed them in days. We feed them 3 times a day and go through roughly one can a day total to feed the both of them. We sprinkle some dry food on top of the canned food.

I know our kittens are growing and need the food, but I always worry if I am not feeding them enough. We have our vet appoinment for their 2nd booster shot next week, but I just wanted the opinion of other cat-owners in the meantime.
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Kittens (especially when you have more than one) burn up a lot of energy and calories just by being kittens

As a rule, I have always fed kittens as much as they'd eat until their metabolism/activity level starts to slow (usually around 10 months).

I suggest you offer them canned meals twice a day, and leave dry food down for them to nibble throughout the day.
After a few days, you should have a good idea of how much food they need throughout the day and you can put out just that amount (still doing meals as well with the canned.
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Kittens eat often and alot. I always offer canned food 3x a day as much as they want and leave dry down at all times for them to eat as they want. They burn off alot of calories playing plus they are growing. As they get older they will slow down on eating. But for now I would feed them more.
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I agree. If they will eat more, then give it to them!
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my 3 youngest cats 5 months..1 year and almost 2 still eat alot..the 2 oldest 3 and 4 dont eat as much..there all fed 3x aday wet food and theres always dry down throughout the day..i have to watch the kitten tho as she eats her own then if im not watching starts on the others
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