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Help needed with new kitten please

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If I could firstly explain I have never owned cats or kittens and I am totally inexperienced in this field I do however have 2 dogs aged 14 and 15 who have been valued and much loved members of my family since 6 weeks old.

My 13 year old daughters pet rat died in May and as she had looked after it respossibly when she asked for a kitten I agreed so we bought sox who will be 6 months old on the 1st of October. I did lots of research and brought sox home to a safe room in the house and left it to him when he was ready to explore the house and meet the dogs (supervised of course ) It was infact 5 weeks before he was happily wandering about completely one of the family

When he was 8 weeks I decided that I would like another kitten as a friend for him and also a pet for my 11 year old daughter who had become a little green eyed over her sisters new companion.

We bought Jazzy who will be 4 months old on 29th September and again we took her to the safe room but within 2 days she was out and about playing with sox with no fear what so ever.

I have a few problems with Jazzy which I need advice about if any of you kind people reading can help.

1) She is not, unlike sox, a very social kitten as yet and although she likes to be down stairs with the family and pets she prefers to be aloft on the back of the sofa or watching from the kitten castle in the lounge. She doesnt like being picked up and cries loudly if we do. She doesnt appear to like being stroked as she arches her back and fans her tail...is this a phase or are some kittens/cats naturally like this? she allows sox to groom her and happily plays with him.

2) Sox immidiately made friends with both dogs often nuzzling and rubbing against them. Jazzy however treats them with distain almost never acknowledging their presence which in turn has led to a morbid fascination of her by the border collie who is 14. He follows her every where and constantly watches her even when sleeping. I am sure this is simply because he wants to be friends and she wont allow it. Does anyone have any ideas how I can instigate a better relationship between them?

3) Jazzy sleeps in my room partly because I dont feel my daughter is ready for that responsibility just yet and partly as she has a hamster in her room and I read its best to keep them apart. So laura's room is kept shut..Emma has sox and the dogs are down stairs so Jazzy sleeps with me.

At night when we go to bed she is a different cat, she will play, roll over for a tummy tickle then before she settles for the night she kneads me. This can last for upto an hour, then often occurs sometime during the night for less time and again in the morning. She burrows into my hair sucking frantically purring wildly and treads with claws out. I have tried various things like giving her toys, soft and cuddly, moving her but she just comes straight back, wearing a hat ( she cries miserably and loudly until I take it off and paces up and down)

Is she insecure and unhappy? has she not been weaned correctly? will it stop eventually? I am rather tired as a result of these interuptions and I have a small balding spot at the back of my head due to the sucking but by far the worst thing is the claws on my neck while she does it have left red nasty scratches...HELP

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope someone can help or advise. I am learning to be a cat owner and want to get it right I do love them very much.
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sorry having read this back I realise it was long winded and most should have been in the "introduction" section of the forum. I am new and didnt realise

I really do need your help though particularly with the kneading issue and would appriciate any advice


Elaine x
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Hi, sounds like you have a very nice and very normal kitten. She may have been taken from her mother too early as she's confusing your head with her mother's tummy! But there's not much you can do about it, though she's likely to grow out of the habit at some point. She's staying up on furniture for safety til she gets bigger - after all dogs are not always cats' first choice of friends, and their size alone and 'different' smell can be scary to them. The back arching thing when stroked means she loves it! Keep doing it unless she turns and bites or scratches. She should be neutered as soon as your vet thinks she's old enough, however, as it'll contribute to things remaining as calm as possible there - and it sounds like you could use a little right now :-).
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Thank you very much for your reply I was relieved to read the back arching is normal and means she likes being stroked, I had stopped doing it thinking it was annoying her. I am also glad to hear that she may grow out of the kneading, if she doesnt soon I hope she at least retracts her claws while she does it lol my poor neck is so sore. Sox has his appointment to relieve him of his dangly bits on 1st november and Jazzy will have her op at 6 months as this is the earliest our vet will do it.
I am having them both microchipped whilst they are under anesthetic ( eeek my spelling is awful) I am not sure if this the correct thing to do as neither kitten goes out much.
I leave the back door open and they wander in the back garden or sit on the fence but never stray beyond this.

thanks again

Elaine x
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Well, the chips are a good idea, but won't protect them from getting run over or lost in the end, and while they may be good about the garden for now, anything could change that - like seeing a squirrel 'out there', or another cat (about to infringe on their territory). Don't depend on them to just stay put forever, but you could do what we do and get those harnesses that do up not only around the neck, but around the front legs as well - the two parts joined by a short piece along their backs with clips to hook leashes onto. Then get long green, iron spikes that go in the ground, with hooks on top that swivel, to which you attach the other end of the leashes, with double ended clips to the leash loops. Make sure they can't reach any bushes, trees, etc. in which they can get entanged, though maybe just long enough to get under some shade. Only do all this if you're sure no dogs can get into the yard, or other grown (and possibly sick) cats! Get them used to just wearing the harnesses alone for short times every day indoors, until they stop fighting them (and will!) - they should be tight enough to allow only a finger's-breadth underneath so they won't wriggle out too easily (they're good at it!) when pulling against the leash. Put them out for 20 mins-1 hr at a time (don't forget about them!) and they'll have the best of both worlds, safely. Plus you can always walk them once they're used to it all - only not at the same time or you'll end up in a mess :-). Do get harnesses with actual 'tongues' that go into holes in the leather, because others sold without them can be pulled out of too easily. Don't ever get the kind that just goes around their necks - only a good idea for dogs (tho' they do sell them for cats too, but they're a bad idea).
BTW, vets are routinely spaying female kittens now by the time they're 2-3 mos old - maybe you can find another one if you don't want to wait - it's perfectly safe. The males need to wait longer though.
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
BTW, vets are routinely spaying female kittens now by the time they're 2-3 mos old - maybe you can find another one if you don't want to wait - it's perfectly safe. The males need to wait longer though.
Yes... in the US. The poster is in the UK, where it is really difficult to find a vet who will neuter/spay before 6 months. It's worth asking around local vets, but really it's not easy to find one. None of the vets near me will do under 6 months.
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