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my kitten cries at night

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i got a new kitten on Sunday. Hes four months old and i named him cooper. he wakes up every night at 3:30am and meows and meows like he's crying. Im sure that he misses his mom and his brothers but im exhausted and i cant keep staying up with him when i have class in the morning. the other night he had me up for 3 hours trying to calm him. I hold him, i pet him, i tried feeding him, i tried playing with him. He was really shy when i first got him but he has since opened up. I dont know what else to do. Any advice? i try to keep him up in the early evening so he'll sleep through the night with me but he just wants to sleep. please what can i do.

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Cats are naturally nocturnal, meaning they sleep in the day and hunt at night.

What I do with my cats is to spend one day when I'm home keeping them awake. If I see it sleeping, I go and cuddle, and initiate play. If it goes someplace to hide and sleep, I seek it out and play. I do that all day long, and by the time my bedtime rolls around the poor kitty can barely sit up it's so tired.

Don't be mean about it by yelling to wake him up. Just go over and pet him, and play with him with his favourite toy. Cats love to play "chase" and "hide and seek". When my health was better I would literally run around my apartment and hide behind doors and corners and let my cat seek me out and then I'd jump out at her and we'd start the process all over again, LOL I'd also pull along one of the fishing-type toys on a stick behind me and let her chase it like she was stalking prey.

Once he's on your schedule, play with him actively before bedtime, and give him a bit of a snack to fill his tummy. A full tummy means a nap afterwards

I can't promise that your kitty won't wake you up in the night, but he should be sufficiently tired enough to sleep most of the night.
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