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My husband has gone crazy

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We are running a campaign in our neighbourhood to get all cats neuterd and spayed and our contribution is that we list the cat in the netering program for the community so that they can have a good price and we take the cats to the vet and pick them up again. Today my husband picked up a cat at the vet and there he met the the lady from the cat-organization with a rescue cat - AND HE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CAT. He more or less promised her that we could take him.
We have nine cats. The seven feral cats we have is not vaccinated yet and this rescue is probably FIV-positiv. He was in very bad shape. They will run blod tests on him and if he is ill from FIV he will probably be put top sleep but if it is just a normal infection and a hard life...... I guess we have ten cats. We also had two calls from people who might be interested in the feral kittens and my husband told them that the kittens were already gone.
I don't really want to let go of them eighter but if a good family shows up the kittens might be better of with them then with us. One of them had really done her home work about feral cats and understood which kind of commitement it would be.
I really didn't expect this turn.
He was sober and he doesn't have a fever. How do I get him to understand that this is a bad idea?
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I dont have any good advice. But at least he obviously loves the cats as much as you do.
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That's sweet Not the best situation, but very sweet!!!

I guess just explain it all to him again why it's a bad idea, and see what he says....
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Oh- ten cats. I have no good ideas- just explain it clearly. Point out the problems of keeping ten cats, the work the ferals require, will the new cat get along with the others. Good luck. If you keep the new one at least you will know that you helped another kitty in need of a home.
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I can understand how difficult it must be to turn away from any creature in need of a home. At least your husband has a big heart! 10 cats is a lot though!
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Woo Hoo! What a good guy! I think I should set him and Colin up for an afternoon and let your hubby talk him into adopting my prescious little foster kitten Kenzie
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The cat my husband fell in love with was FIV positive and had to be put to sleep. At least he died with love and care around him and as my husband described him as very loving and social I guess he felt safe the last day of his life.
We have decided now to keep all our feral cats and stop looking for other homes. They are to old now and a part of our family.
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Oh I am sorry that you lost your cat, your hubby has a great heart

As you say at least the poor little love had a loving last few days. You are both
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What a wonderful couple you are Godspeed over RB, special little feral kitty - you did have a true family in the end - the love that you finally found will endure as long as the love of many years
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