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Website with Forums on Dogs

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Does anyone know about any website with forums on dogs that is as great as this one for cats? (I went to "thedogsite.com" but it doesn't seem to have much.)

I need to learn more about allergies in dogs (specifically on a Pug), and see what foods may be better than the Eukanuba(sp?) she currently gets. (If you talk to the vet, all he wants to do is a lot of high-dollar testing and put her on Science Diet, along with the allergy pills she already gets a couple of times a week.)

I just feel like I need "dog-help," like the "cat-help" this site provides.

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the best site is http://forum.dog.com/asp/
it's awesome!!! Im on there and theres tons of dog lovers and info and if you can't find it already posted someone will know...........
Hope that helps!!!!
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I have a pug. Go to pugvillage.com. It's the best and the busiest. The people are very nice. For other dogs (I only have a pug) go to dogster.com.
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When I was researching food allergies in dogs (my boy has em), I discovered that corn was one of the top allergens.
Both Eukanuba/Iams and Science Diet have corn.

I eliminated corn from my boy's diet and the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, I never found any dog forums that were welcoming, most were rather condescending and rude.

Good luck in your endeavor
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We've had several threads lately about allergies and food allergies at www.boxerdogplanet.com. You're welcome to come in and do a search- I believe the health section is open to non members for searching. The biggest one has seemed to be putting their dogs on a "bland diet" and then adding things in slowly, one at a time, until they find the trigger. Pm me if I can help.
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We have one of THE best Labrador Retriever message boards - lots of info on the breed plus health, nutrition, etc.

Here's the link

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Thank you, everyone!

I knew I'd get some good dog-help leads from my cat friends!!!

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