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new comer with a few kitty questions

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Hello Everyone, I just found this site and hope it can help me with a few questions I have about my new kitten. I got Oliver at 7 weeks old and he is now 12 weeks old.

My first question is that this is mine and my boyfriends cat but he shows me more attention, he licks me and not him. He sleeps with me and not him, he sucks on my chin but wont do that with the boyfriend, does anyone know if this is normal for a cat to be more attached or affectionate to one person and how to get them to bond with the other?

Second question, we are living with someone who already has two adult cats. They do not fight with Oliver but they hiss and make it clear for him to back off, he chases them non stop though. Any suggestions for getting them to bond with each other or at least get along?

Last thing, we just got him worm medicine and it doesn't say on the box so curious if anyone knows how long it takes for worm medicine to take affect and rid the little kitty of worms?

Thank you all and look forward to hanging out around here more.

kitty ~ witty
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

Very important question: Has he been seen by a vet yet? If not, please take him in ASAP, and ask the vet about the worming medicine. I've only ever gotten my kitty meds directly from a vet, as I have heard that there can be problems with some over the counter stuff.

As far as getting him to like both of you, I am assuming that you are doing most of the kitty care, specifically, you are the one that feeds him, correct? If that's so, you'll want to have your BF feed him also. Kitties tend to bond most with their food provider!

As far as the kitties all getting along, that's something that you can't rush or force, it can only come with time. Just be patient. If they aren't actually fighting, then you're already well on your way to all of them tolerating each other.

I'm sure some others will be along with more advice. Again, welcome!
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I got both my kittens looked over by the vet within day of getting them. I also got the wormer from the vet as this treats every worm they can have, the over the counter stuff often only treats certain worms. I noticed worms with 18 hours of the 1st treatment which was given over 3 days - I also find my kittens are more interactive with me than my boyfriend or kids but as previously said I do feed them so this is probably why.
Good luck with Oli hope all goes well excellent advice though to get him checked at vets ASAP
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