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Part of the Family

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My mom is amazed at how Mia myself and my boyfriends's cat has gotten so close to us. Mia sleeps between us or under our arms like a little kid. She waits by the door for us to come home and lavishes us with as much love as any cat can manage. She even gets involved with our dinner conversations by sitting in one of the cars and and putting her feet on the table. Anytime we talk she meows back.

What other ways do cats make themselves part of the family?
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My Daughter had a broken leg when we 1st got her kitten sox so she sent 5 weeks with him off school then it was the summer holidays so they were together a further 6 weeks. Now she is back at school and although sox gets loads of attention and spoiled with chicken and prawn tit bits by me during the day he really makes her suffer when she comes in. first he will distantly walk through the room whilst she beckons him, then he will sit a few feet away from her with his back to her. After about an hour of this behaviour he is up on her lap purring, nuzzling and rubbing his nose against her face..It makes us all smile because he really is happy when shes at school he just doesnt want her to know it lol
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