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Weekend adoption show...

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Here are pics from last weekend's adoption show. This is Mickey (white and brown tabby on top), Rooney (gray and white), and Eugene (brown tabby on bottom, you can only see his fanny!).

I'm not sure how they got like this, whether Eugene burrowed under Mickey, or Mickey layed on Eugene. I do know that Mickey is very protective. All these cats were found together outside, and Mickey is about a month older than the other kittens.

Eugene lived at my house for a while, with Wit (now Oreo), and Dylan. Wit and Dylan were adopted weeks ago.
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Aww those babies are so cute! I hope they found some good homes!
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First Mickey and Rooney were adopted together, leaving Eugene all alone. After having his previous co-horts Wit and Dylan adopted, I felt very bad for him being overlooked.

Then someone came in expecting to adopt a white kitty Blanca, who is gorgeous, but gets nasty if you pet her too long. Well, several hours into the adoption show, when Blanca was picked up, she hissed at and tried to bite her foster Mom! (Oh, Blanca, for shame!)

The prospective adopter really wanted a companion for her dog, and Eugene used to rub against my dog, and walk under her belly, rubbing the dog with his tail. And Eugene needs lots of cuddling...used to be with the cat-brothers, and I'm sure he will be cuddling with the dog, soon.
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That is wonderful that they were all adopted out!!
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I think the person who adopted Mickey has a big heart. As you see in his pic, at the adoption shows he would sit protecting "his" kittens. He often held his ears down or back, and as you see by his expression, he looks like he is mad. I don't know if it is his coloring, but if you look at his eyes...he looks like a GRUMP!

At home, he was a doll, according to the foster Mom. I am glad they adopted him and Rooney together, as they have been buddies their entire lives.
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Yeah, I'm so glad everyone got a home! Eugene is such a lovely boy too love me some brown tiger!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
That is wonderful that they were all adopted out!!
Yes, it was pretty wonderful. And there were two more adoptions...a couple who has spoken to us before came wanting 2-3 cats. Their plan was to adopt an older, difficult to adopt cat, with 2 kittens. They were even hoping for a Mom and babies, so they could keep the family together. They were very clear that they not only wanted a loving kitten, but also to help a more "needy" cat.

They fell in love with Rascal, the brown tabby at the front of the cage. After much thought and discussion, they also chose Sheena, the brown tabby at the back of the cage.
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Sheena literally sat for several hours with her face hidden behind the litterbox. Like a little kid, "if I can't see you, maybe you can't see me". We tried to trim her nails before she left, but she was to scared to allow it. I did hold her for a long time. First she sat with her head buried in the crook of my arm. Her heart was pounding, and she was scared. She comes from a situation where the owner did not have time to really socialize the kittens. In fact, these cats are related to my current fosters.

After putting Sheena back into the cage, she sat in the litterbox looking around. The new adoptive couple was fully briefed on her issues, and understood that she may or may not tame. They are fully prepared to deal with her, and were convinced that they wanted to offer her and her brother a loving home.

Rascal is totally tame, and quite outgoing. Hopefully he will help her settle in. I gave the new adoptive owners info about TCS, in case they need help with Sheena.

So we had 5 kittens adopted, leaving only two unchosen. The unadopted kittens are very friendly, and I'm sure they will find homes soon. At another adoption show the same day, they had 3 adoptions. And the next day someone met my foster kittens, and preadopted 2 more brown tabbies! It has been a wonderful weekend!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
LOL! Yeah, it is pretty exciting to have so many adoptions of some really difficult kitties!
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Thats all so wonderful! I have to admit, I teared up reading about precious Sheena. The people who took her must be real cat lovers, and such wonderful people!
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