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Do you donate?

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I got a thing in the mail today about donating to St. Judes Hospital. I usually try to send at least $10 to donate, (if I have the money) and usually there are people that I work with that raise money for them as well, and I usually contribute as much as I can, if I have the money availiable..

Do you donate to certain organizations?
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St. Judes is our favorite charity, and we donate to them all the time so does my Daddy!!!
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Yes I do. I normally don't do the mail in thing because i don't know that the money is going to them and not some agency that was hired to collect donations. I donte directly to the organization of my choice. Mainly I donate money when they sell the little papers you wrtie your name on like Children's Miracle Network or St.Jude. And of course the local Humane Society.
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Yes anything like the Human Society, petsmart, Salvation Army, but mostly to do with animals.
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Yes when i have the money,
In australia because of school activities i was so much more involved with charities and donations, here i feel kinda left out as i havent found anythng?
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The Toronto Humane Society
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
The Toronto Humane Society
I'm a fellow THS donator.
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Sometimes I donate to the Veterans, or Mentally Disabled.
My Grandma donates MASSIVE amounts of $$ to St. Judes, So I personally don't think they need my 10 bucks.
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I donate food and other items to the local shelter...
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I support cats protection here by purchasing stuff they sell on ebay, I buy things for the computer, or for the cats or other stuff they sell, so I support them that way, In the supermarket I always buy extra cat food and put it in the donation box they have there for that purpose.

I always support cancer research, as that has affected me alot, thats what I lost my mum, grandad and nan to aswell as my friend who was just 21 when he passed, I also support the homeless and always buy 'The big issue' magazine, and also Cystic Fibrosis..I watched a TV programme about children with this and it really touched me a great deal.

If I don't have alot of money to spare I do so when I can, and if not I'll be doing some event or other to help raise money and awareness.
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More info than you were looking for, but this topic is close to my heart: I'm a volunteer fundraiser organizer, and in the last 6 years, I have directly or indirectly, through donating money, raffle items, and/or my time, helped to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for charities including:

Toys for Tots, Local Heroes (care packages for soldiers overseas,) Muscular Dystrophy Association, Cystic Fibrosis, Children's Brain Cancer Research, ASPCA, Breast Cancer Research, Ronald McDonald House, Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund, the 9-11 funds, the American Red Cross (Tsunami and Katrina Relief) and uncountable small, independent fundraisers designed to help a child with cancer, or a dad with cancer, or for research funding in the memory of someone who died from cancer, or a funeral expense for someone killed in a motorcycle accident that had no life insurance, survivors of house fires that have lost everything, etc., etc., etc.

I spend my summers riding my motorcycle to one charity event after another, combining something that I feel I need to do (contribute to those less fortunate than I - and I'm not rich by ANY means) with something that I just love to do (ride my Harley.) In some cases I help to organize and run the events, which gives me GREAT satisfaction.

I do NOT claim my donations on my taxes, because I feel like I'm paying my dues back to society for having had to raise my child on welfare while I went to college. I'm sure that my donations, volunteer time NOT included, probably equate to more than a thousand dollars per year, as each biker charity event I go to, I wind up spending lots of money at, all for good cause.

Typical charity event donations: $20 to get in, $40 for raffle tickets, $10 for food/drink, etc. I can shell out anywhere from $20 to $120 at a fun event, and all proceeds over cost of the events go directly to the organization/individual that benefits.
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I donate and work for the Canadian Cancer Society. I never claim overtime that is also a donation. I also donate to the local SPCA, and the heart and stoke association
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Everytime I go to petsmart, I donate a dollar. May not sound like much, but if you know me, I go to petsmart all the time. I've probably donated near $40 in the past two to three months.
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Originally Posted by lilleah View Post
My Grandma donates MASSIVE amounts of $$ to St. Judes, So I personally don't think they need my 10 bucks.
This is the way of thinking that prevents many people from donating to worth charities Every little bit really does help them out.

I have donated to St. Jude's in the past and would happily join their month to month program if I weren't in school full time and limited on funds.
This might sound silly, but later in life, my dream is to move to Tennessee and volunteer there. The work they do is amazing.
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I donate to our local shelter and we have a list of charities we donate to through my BF's business including the Sick Kid's Hospital and some environmental groups
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Tha Cats Protection and Cancer Research
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SAFE Shelter (our local domestic violence shelter) and the American Diabetes Association (our wedding favors were little scrolls telling everyone we made a large donation to the ADA in their honor- DH is a Type 1 Diabetic). I also participate in their various fundraisers (Kiss-A-Pig, Walk on the Wild Side) each year. I would give every spare penny I had to the ADA if I could- I will not stop donating until they found a cure to Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes!
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I donate to the Marley Fund for Feline Leukemia reaearch. I lost my precious Leo to that horrible disease, and it broke my heart.
I also donate to Petsmart local charities.
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I donate to St. Lukes when I have extra money. I also donate to alot of the rescues in my area. I donate clothes and stuff too.
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I donate to the local animal shelters and vets. Our local vet shelters a few cats and dogs until they can find them good homes. And we like to help out even if it is buying a bag of kitty chow. It help out. I also donate to Cancer Society. A few people in my family have had cancer and beat it so i hope my donation go on and help others. And I donate a little to them Jars i find sitting on store counters for a varity of things.
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I give a monthly donation of $10 to Doctors Without Borders. I'd love to give them more and give to other charities as well but money is really thight now.
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I donate to the Humane Society as well as a number of other charities involved in research such as the Canadian Cancer Association, Diabetes Association, Cerebral Palsy, Heart and Stroke, local United Way and Health Partners, Canadian Red Cross. There are a lot of worthwhile organizations out there that do very good, much needed work!
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Lets see..I donate too, money, time, and food

My local Humane Society
The Red Cross (gets my blood lol)
The Salvation Army
Adopt a Husky Inc.
Basset Buddies Rescue Inc.
Aids Research
The Jonathan Larson Fund.
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I always donate to St. Jude. When my cousin's baby died back in July...we took out a tribute fund with St.Jude in her name...we couldn't think of a better way to memoralize her, while helping other children..so St. Jude it was! Their organization is wonderful. I also donate to several animal shelters and no kill shelters when I have money...but usually i'm broke...so I just volunteer
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My dad actually donates a percentage of the income from his business every month to St. Jude's.

We donate to the Food Bank for NYC, the American Cancer Society, and the Humane Society. When my husband & I got married we asked for donations to to either the Food Bank or the Cancer Society in lieu of gifts for us.

I'm in the fundraising field, and I know how difficult it is for nonprofits to find money to function, so in addition to the usual places my husband and I give to, I often donate impulsively to other places that solicit from me (as long as I can verify that they are legitimate, of course).
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I never have any money for myself, let alone others.

So I try to donate THINGS. Well, my time and my blood and plasma specificly about twice a month.

Most clinics will pay a lot of money to get your plasma, I donate it. So does my mother. It takes a long time, but it is worth it when you think about how many lives you are helping.

You would be shocked to learn how low our blood banks are. If everyone donated blood and or Plasma once a month, even once every 6 months. We would be SO much better off.

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We give to Backstoppers, the Humane Society, and we donate clothes and food and personal hygiene items to the scouts. We don't use it as a tax deduction either. I also donate whenever the firefighters are on the street corners with their boots or when the Shriners are in front of the grocery store.
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I donate to the SPCA through my bank. I have thier checks and a certain percentage is given to them everytime I write a check... which I do literally everyday!
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I give lots of stuff to Goodwill as well as buying stuff (mainly books) from them.
Also the $1 thing at the petstores too or I will pick up an extra bagof food and donate but I don't really care the one local communities animal shelter's policy so I try to give to the other local shelter. Also my neighbor's kid's sports teams.
The local botanical garden which does not receive any public funding. Other odds and ends organizations that my interest me too.
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DH and I have two favorite charities. First is Child's Play http://www.childsplaycharity.org/index.php No matter what they get money from us every year.

The second is for breast cancer research.
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