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Peewee's Big Adventure!

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I know I haven't been around in a while, but work has just been crazy!

The other day while I was sitting at my computer trying to get something accomplished (ha ha ) I thought I saw a cat on the counter out of the corner of my eye. Well, to my surprise, by the time I had gotten to the kitchen to escort the offending feline from the countertop, he was already 10 feet in the air! Apparently Peewee has discovered the plant shelves that sit just below my vaulted ceiling. Has decided this is his new happy place. Those darn cats and their heights!


(oh, and yes I do let him on the counter now... but only to go up to his new perch. Considering putting a bed up there for him - above the pantry it's at least 3ft deep and about 6ft wide, so plenty of room.)
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oh wow. what a beautiful kitty you have.

its amazing the things they can get themselves into eh!
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ohh the little monkey he´s a cutie pie - his ickle nose for me

Is Peewee slate grey - its a fab colour, you´ll have to post some close-up of him if you can get near of course
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aww............aww ......just had another look

his little white paws are so cute in that last photo aww..............

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boy, would my kitties be happy if we lived there!
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Oh wow!!! No need for a cat tree, you have a built in one!
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Oh I'm so glad you guys liked them. He sure is a little monkey... and a naughty one at that! (But, you know, in that adorable kitten way )

Closeups as requested!

Napping with his big sister Karma..

He's always with my two dogs. If I ever need to find him (and he isn't 10 feet in the air...) he's curled up in a ball napping on top of one of the pups. The dogs think its the greatest.

.. and while this one isn't really close up, it is one of my favorites. Look at the little paw on the forehead. Gets me to giggle every time I see it
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I love his white mustachio.

I have similar spaces, but not as many and not as nice, and Fat Harriet looks longingly at them but she's too chunky to make it up there.

One day, she says, one day!
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Now he knows just where to go when he has done something wrong and needs to get away from you.
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if he is ever looking for a buddie to do all that adventuring with my Mikey would surley come over...he loves to climb the fridge and watch me in the kitchen..
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Originally Posted by Fats McGee View Post
I love his white mustachio.
me, too - makes him look like he's been in the milk!
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Peewee your just like my Sophie when it comes to climbing things

What a sweetie he is
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Wow, he is brave to jump clear up there!!!
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LOL I am so getting a kick out of this thread! Bring you're climbers over... we can have a kitty-plant-shelf-party!

The best part about this is I was just telling my BF how I wanted to buy cat furniture, but I didn't want any that looked like cat furniture. Problem solved and it didn't cost me a penny!
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