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will you just stop it now.......

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I´m real more photos

oh-oh Dinos got the dog-on with me .........he lashed out and his paw (the one you cant see) is hooked on one of my fingers ..ow...owww .. there was blood

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Uhhh Dino does not look happy!!!
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THat is one of the funniest pics I've seen in a while!! Sorry about your finger though!
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GRRRR I am the attack cat!!!!

How cute!!
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he looks like a mobster for some reason! yeah, see here? I told ya no more photos!!
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I have got that face many times
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Dino has the most expressive face. He looks like he should have a big cigar and a fedora in that pic.
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He looks very mad! LOL Sorry about your finger.
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Ouch! Sorry about your finger, Dino sure looks like he don't want to be messed with!
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uhhhh, I think it's safe to say that Dino is done posing for pictures tonight lol (how is your finger?? lol, you poor thing!)
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Somehow the madder they are, the cutter they look!
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Good thing we can't get an exact translation -- this is a family site, and I doubt that it's fit for publication.

Sorry about the finger!
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sorry about the finger.

i just linked this page to the wife,
she said.
itta: wow upset kitty
itta: he has same look you get when i try to take your pic

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That is the most po'd cat I've ever seen!
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heres another one of Mr Fed-up Dino - he hooked my finger on my left hand and I was snapping photos with my right hand now he´s really mad - cos he cant get his nail un-hooked ...ow...oww ...and I´m still snapping see his green slitty eyes - I managed to get un-hooked and well of course he scampered off ....and ignored me all night cant blame him - this a.m. he loves me to bits again

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Oooh, what a face!
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OOOOOOOOO, human! You will pay! You will pay!
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That is the funniest picture I have seen in ages! Dino, you naughty boy you!
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