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Bonkey is nipping

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I'm sure this is normal, but just to make sure. My little kitten Bonkers has gotten into the habit of coming up on the bed in the mornings around 4:30 and wanting a fuss, which I don't mind at all. But if, for some reason, I stop petting him and he hasn't gotten all the mommy love he needs, he will not really bite my hand, but its more like nibble on it. He has tried biting but never breaks the skin, but he is getting aggressive....what should I do?
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if you have a small stuffed animal present this to kitty instead of your fingers. Depending on his age, he could be teething and they take comfort in chewing something. Just be sure that the stuffie doesn't have anything small enough the kitten could detach and swallow or choke on. Also, as hard as it is, if you start ignoring kitties demands early in the morning now, he will soon stop. But giving in to his demands means he got his way and will expect this to happen every day for the rest of his long life.
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Waking up "with the birds" very early morning is normal for cats, and they of course want their people up with them. Cats are also creatures of habit so you sure do want to not let biting get to be a habit.

Getting a "stuffie" (I like that term) would be good, but your kitten might still prefer you. You could try putting the kitten under the covers next to you, snuggling it closely to your body and petting it some as you drift back to sleep. That worked for me with one of my kittens who wanted early morning attention. My hand was then in a comfortable position to keep petting while I was able to fall back to sleep. He didn't bite though. He did come to love being all warm and cozily snuggled up against me, cradled with my arm. He would start purring and kneading. (He still meows for me to lift the covers to let him under, now at three years old.) Maybe your kitten will be satisfied with the warm snuggling against you, even if you fall asleep again and quit petting. Maybe the kitten will fall asleep too! You can hope. Just be sure the blankets are loose at the top so the kitten can crawl out if he gets too hot or it gets too stuffy under the blankets.

If the kitten is less then 12 weeks old, I would *not* let it under the covers as I would be concerned about suffocating it, it being too small, fragile and weak to fight off covers or move out from under a person about to roll over. My kitten was about 6 months old when he came under the blankets.

If the kitten starts to nip your hand while you have him under the blankets, (or in any location) you can just put your hand on his back gently, to keep him still and give a "I'm dominant, so stop it" message. Mother cats will sit on top of kittens who get too rambunctious or bite, to control them and make them be still. Your hand will remind the kitten of that.
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