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Near Fatal Clubing by Golfer!!!!  

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Dear Everyone...

I received this email today and I thought all of us could get involved just by picking up a phone and calling our local golf courses...it's an atrocity what people are doing these days!!!!! It's beyond me where such cruelty can come from within. Please call and/or email your nearest Wildlife Control Agencies and Golf Clubs...these women need our help.
God Bless,

Date: 4/7/01 3:33:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: wilczak@netdotcom.com (Annie/John Wilczak)
To: bufbod007@aol.com

I am writing this statement in response to the "raccoon incident" that occurred at The Westin-Innisbrook Resort on March 17, 2001.
My name is Jackie Pettay. I am the person who rescued the baby raccoon from the Island Golf Course at the Westin-Innisbrook Resort on Saturday, March 17th, 2001. If any further information is needed or anything in this statement is unclear, please feel free to contact me.

Statement of Jackie Pettay

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is treating Sweety's
case as a "criminal investigation". I was interviewed on March 29th by
Sergeant Meggison from the Commission. PETA, The Animal Rights Foundation,
The St. Petersburg Times, The Tampa Tribune and News
Channel 28 are among the phone calls I have personally received about this
raccoon abuse.

I want to thank everyone who has called or e-mailed about this incident. It is all of you that is making this happen. We will see results as long as we are persistent. There are people and organizations getting involved that can actually do something about these atrocities on golf courses.

Chuck Eade, the present Director of Golf at Innisbrook, contacted me on March 31st about putting signs on the courses and taking further steps to protect the Wildlife at Innisbrook. We need results like this for the sake
of Golf Course Wildlife across the country. Your continued support is needed. Keep the e-mails and the calls coming. The PGA, LPGA, USGA, and other golf associations and your local golf facility need to be added to your list to e-mail and/or call. If the Golf Industry knew allowing animal
cruelty on their golf courses would negatively affect their cash flow, they would be eager to implement Wildlife protection protocols. Loss of monies causes motivation.

Ask your local golf course if it allows golfers to kill or abuse the resident Wildlife and if and how they provide protective measures to ensure the safety of the Wildlife on their golf course. Choose to play golf only at environmentally conscious courses. Together, we can make a difference.

Jackie Pettay
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I saw that incident On the IDA Website. I called the golf corse immediately. It seems as though a certain individual, that I will not name, has a relative in Florida. I'm totally

I also wanted to thank, once again, all the kind individuals I have met through this website, under the worst of cicumstances, unfortunately.

I am still in a cloud of grief from the loss of my baby,
Little Max. And the way the whole situation has been handeld. My niece, still wakes up at night, screaming. Worried that the " bad man " is going to hit her and other members of our family.

We have had rocks thrown at our house, a de-capitated bird thrown in our back yard. Someone in a vehichle chased my other baby over two blocks away. The neihbors were all out looking for him. We found him cowering in the bushes. Odviously very scared. Now they only go in our fenced back yard in short, fully supervised, times. Just for some fresh air. What a shame, What has our great country come to?

To the person that killed my Max, We want you to know that all of our neihbors are on the watch for ANYTHING OR ANYONE, THAT EVEN LOOKS REMOTELY SUSPICIOUS. SO DON'T TRY IT. STAY AWAY FROM US AND ALL OTHER INNOCENT BEINGS.

Thank you all, for caring. And my heart goes out to the baby racoon that endured several days of pain and suffering. I hope they find the perpetrator and bring him to justice. I hope that the golf corse will wake up and understand that society will no longer tolerate abuse in any form.
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Can you give more details about the incident Catarina? And emails that we can send to?
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The info is listed on IDA Website. I will try to remember to get the URL address for everyone that wants to e-mail them. It's a horrible thing that occured there. It makes me sick. I have also written them letters that I will mail off tomorrow, when I look up the site again.

My best to all of my new friends here, God bless all of you!
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OOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I learned of this last week and in reading this again, I'm just all pissed off all over again! Poor lil' racoon!

I was coming here to post another HELP message about Melanie and saw this. What is it? A past time to beat defensless animals w/ golf clubs?!

Oh, just give me a golf club and 5 minutes with murderous cat killers and racooon abusers. I swear, I'm gonna start a REVENGE FOR ANIMALS business.

I'm up now and its 5am because I just read the article on Melanie. Where in the hell has human decency and respect for lide gone?!

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