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spike is a hard biter. I taught him to not bite me, but how do I teach him not to bite the two other males so hard? Sometimes it is fun pay, but there are times when he nails them so hard they squeek and they often run from him when he gets in the mood to kill. No skin has been broken and maybe it is more my problem than theirs, but it upsets me to see the other two run from him or be hurt. It is like he is betraying their trust. Fun turns into run for your life. I taught him not to bite me by saying uh-uh-uh, and putting him down. Soon uh-uh=-uh was enough to get him to stop anything, or get him off the stove or whatever, but it is not working with trashing his brothers. Is this something I can teach, or are we destined to live in fear of Spikes foul mood?