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meet my new kitten , MAYA !!!

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This is our new kitten , called Maya !!!!
As you might have seen on another thread (about Sydney's going to the Rainbow Bridge) , We went to a shelter , and adopted little Maya !!! She is a 6 months old (not sure ...) female calico . She meouwed at us till we noticed her and did not give up untill I took her out of her cage to pet her !!!! So , I did not choose her , SHE CHOSE US !!!

Dearest Maya , you can help heal my heartpain ; you are a godsent little present !!! I am sure Sydney yelled in your ear :" Here they are !! Start yelling !!!!"

You succeeded sweet Maya ; and know what ??? It really helps sweetie !!

ps. Kitty and Casper gave me the url of that shelter !! So thank you so much to them for giving me Maya !!!!!
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Congratulations on your new purr-baby.

She looks like a sweetie!
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Oh what a little love - and she could not have chosen a better home!!!!!!!!!! They know, funny isn't it !!!

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Oh how pretty!!!!!! I love her coloring!!!
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ooooh, what a gorgeous kitty! All the best of luck with her.
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What a beautiful darling! Congratulations to all!

I've no doubt Sydney gave Maya the `scoop' on you!

What a great day!

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She's SO pretty! I have noticed, over the years, that calicos seem to be great "talkers". I've had two, who wouldn't shut up!
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Isn't she a little darling? I'm glad I was able to help you, but I think Sydney helped even more, he told Maya to start talking when you guys went it there!

Have fun with your little girl and take lots of pics!

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She is a sweety!
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What a sweet girl. I said this in your other thread, but I am quite sure that Sydney told her what a wonderful family you are. It is funny how some of them connect to us immediately, and make sure we know that We Are Their People. Some cats are much more attuned to our feelings and moods, and I'm betting she is one of those cats. She probably sensed your sadness and wanted to help, in whatever kitty way she could. And she did!
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She is a very beautiful kitty, and she looks like she will be a wonderful addition to your family. Best wishes and good luck to everyone!!!
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Aww I love the kitties that talk to you in those place.

It's like they know and their saying "pick me, pick me!"
I adore the little kittens that try to claw my eyes, (i dunno why I just have thing for that, I call them eyeball cats.)

Adn those little paws that grab onto your pants while your busy with another cat.
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Little sweet Maya is really a beauty!
I hope that she continues to heal your heart
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Maya is so cute! Congrats!
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She has a sweet expression! I hear that comment often about dogs, but this is a kitty with a sweet expression. I'll bet she has a sweet disposition too
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She's a doll! For anyone who doesn't visit Caption This regularly, Sydney is our featured kitty today....a fitting tribute to him.
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Aww she's such a cutie!! All the best with her!!!!
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She's gorgeous! She looks so much like my girl...too bad I don't know how to post pics, or I'd show ya. Mine's a talker too! Congrats!
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