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cat talk

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I"ve been around cats for a long time, and I can get my cats and the young babys to come to one pretty sound and useing the letter E
let me explain:
I have three kittens and two cats the kittens are of different litters
15,12,9 weeks of age the two youngest where very wild so having the eldest kitten riddick first he did a noise that I have never heard before and its hard to explain and it took me a few go"s to get it right on key
now I have rescued two little girls from and riddick bless has helped quite alot little does he know bless, when they play and are running rings around the furniture etc one will run and hide now this seems to up set riddick if both run and hide he uses the same noise that the girls responed too and I remember that its a noise that my older cats use when they are trying to find me its soft but loud and you can hear the letter E if you know music
what you do is keeping your teeth to gether vibrate your tongue and in short bursts blow out it will take abit of pratice and but only those that have been around cats long time will know the differant sound cats make oops now look I have started my babies off
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I must have the reaction right, because JC, Andrea & AmyRose have all joined me at the keyboard; they want to know where the treats are That worked great - maybe some of the posters here who are looking for missing kitties should try it Good idea, Riddick
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