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Anyone interpret dreams?

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I keep having the same dream that i wake up and my cat Patches is laying with me ( she went missing in August ) I also have one where she's at home and when i ask my husband and kids where they found her,they look at me
strange & thinking "She's been here the whole time"
I'm missing her so much and maybe that's why i've been dreaming about
her all the time but something tells me that these dreams mean more
than that..
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I don't think it needs much interpretation - you miss your cat dreadfully, she is on your mind during the day, and so of course at night when you dream also. You wish she had never gone, so you dream that she is still with you. I think it is also your mind's way of telling you not to give up on her, and to keep hope alive.

I also want to say that I think about Patches often, and when I see you post I always hope that it will be in celebration of her return. I still hope for that. (((chelle & Patches)))
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Thank you Epona Hugs
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This is giong to sound strange, but I promise it happened... and I am not the type to believe in mystical weird stuff like this... once, Bandit got loose. She was gone for three days, and the third day was a Saturday. I was sleeping in and I dreamed that I was looking out the back window and that she came into the back yard... I woke up, looked out the window, and there she was! I went to the back door, called for her, and she came running inside the house.

Something horrible must have happened to her because she had blistered, burned paws and soot all over her, and she had a high fever. She wasn't herself for a whole year after that, either...

I don't know if your kitty is trying to tell you something, either from another place on earth or from beyond, but after this little incident of mine, I wouldn't be surprised.

I swear... I've never been into psychics or such... but you never know! It was probably a coincidence, and the fact that I was worried sick about her probably had something to do with it. I also have dreams about my father that passed that are similar, and well, he won't be coming back. The mind is a tricky thing!

*hugs* to you though.. it must be hard.
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Godiva...I was thinking the same thing that maybe she's trying to
tell me something.I just wished i knew what it was
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all i know is that you have to be very careful when you dream about water, being on a river, sea, ect with lots of water, it means either something terrible is going to happen or a new chapter in your life

My mother is very into these things, so she bought a dream book, unfortunately ive already packed it away, but maybe in a few weeks ill be able to come online and give you the info what it says?
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That would be great fwan Thank you I think that would help
me out alot
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Still having dreams about the dreams,she's here with me but i also
get a feeling in my dreams that she's trying to tell me something.
Am i going nuts or is this normal?
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I hope Patches returns soon! *hugs*

I often get dreams about my cats. Sometimes they're scary, one time I dreamt I had to give him away to this scary lady and she locked him in a room with glass walls and he was crying and trying to get out and they dragged me away

But anyway, my point is that you often get dreams about what you think about. You're worried about Patches, you really want her to be back, you get dreams about it. I've had dreams like that too, about my cat Free who died and I dream he's back.

I think it's possible it's psychic, but your description doesn't seem to have a deeper message other than you want her back. If it was a message you might be dreaming her asking you not to worry any more or showing you where she is. Possibly you are sharing dreams with her - if she's lost and longing to be home, you might pick up on that.

I really hope you find her soon. Good luck!
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Were thinking that someone took her in and that's why im
dreaming about her all the time
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Okay i watched a special on Animal Planet and there was a guy that was talking about dreaming of lost pets or ones that have passed away.
He had a website that i went to and emailed him.he said that she has
probably passed away and that she's letting me know that where ever she
is,she is okay and that she is happy..Not really what i wanted to hear
I'm not saying that what he told me is true but i do hope that where ever
she is,she is happy.
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I wouldn't ONLY consider her being at the bridge though.She may be like you said, and is somewhere telling you that she is safe and she misses you.
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Aw, this must be so hard for you dreaming of Patches all the time, and then waking up and no Patches...

I don't know what the dream means, but I am sending prayers that you will find your beloved Patches..This must be heartbreaking.

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