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I have an attack cat!

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I have 2 brother cats named Worm and Jake. They'll be 2 years old in November. I raised both of them from birth as Mom had no milk. My husband and I have never had a problem out of the boys, but, Worm has tried to attack my Mom. They would hiss at her, she would hiss at them. I would tell her not to do this but she didn't listen. So, one day they were in their "den" and hissed at her. She hissed back even though I told her it was a bad idea. Well, the very next time Worm saw her, he lunged at her. He tried to spring off my back but I caught him in time. You could tell he wasn't playing and I have some nice scars to show for it.

Fast forward to a few days ago. My brother, who has never visted before, has been coming to the house. Jake hisses and growls but he's interested in the newcomer. 2 nights ago Jake was hissing up a storm and my brother just kept petting him and talking to him. Before I could open my mouth, Jake bit the ever loving out of my brothers arm. Now my borther wants to take Jake out and murder him because "he's a viscious attack cat and attacked me unprovoked." I tried to explain to him that Jake was warning him to leave off and it's his own darn fault Jake bit him. (Both boys are current on all shots, in case you're wondering) Now, I don't know what to do. I offerd to put the boys in their "den" when they visit but now both Mom and brother want my babies pts. I am so beyond ticked off it's unreal because in my mind, after all they did to them, the humans are in the wrong not the cats. Any suggestions on how to handle this besides telling them to go to h*ll and not visit anymore?

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that reminds me of my mothers friend years ago, that used to tease are dog. Well finally she did not move fast enough and dog took a big bite out. well she never came over again casue we did not pts the dog, I remember my mother telling her, it was your own fault.

i think i would do the same here. if keeping them locked up when they come over is not good enough for them, then dont come over. I would not put my animals to sleep cause they did not follow safe advice.
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So glad you understand the cats' point of view! It's really maddening when people don't get it.
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Petting a cat that is hissing strikes me as being really stupid. Your cat tried telling him that he wasn't happy, and his warnings were ignored. He didn't bite from out of the blue, as far as he was concerned biting was his last defence at that point.
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Thanks for the advice. I told both Mom and Brother if they can't meet me half way where my boys are concerned, then they don't need to come visit. I'll go visit them instead. Joe, my brother, is ok with everything where Jake is concerned and even said if I put him in his den, he'll visit, but call first. Mom still won't come over and I'm ok with that.

Thanks a ton! I'd never have them pts over something that was someone elses fault.
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