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took in two strays!

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So I already have a cat and a kitten.. The cat Nemo- We got him as a kitten from a person in the mountains.. hes been a fantastic cat.. Then We got a kitten who we named Jacques- And hes a good cat- But doesnt really care about people so much as he does other cats-- Hes about 11 weeks old.. Well I recently went on a trip to Louisiana.. We were visiting my fiances cousin- and as soon as we stepped out of the truck two EXTREMELY nice kittenscame up to my feet and were purring and rubbing on me.. Well I fell in love asked if i could bring them back to Colorado with me, and of course my fiance Micah said no! Well me made several more trips over there.. and each time the kittens came to me... And we found out that the Guy in charge of the trailor park that his cousin lives in, Is against cats and was trying to trap all cats- and he takes them out to his property and shoots them.. Well taht was just HORRIBLE! i mean there are cats everywhere there-- But most are feral and wont go anywhere near cages or people- Which is GOOD so they dont get caught.. But these two kittens were doomed because they were soo nice-- and came up to u as soon as u came on the grounds.. THey had once had a home (somewhat) this lady brought a stray home that was pregnant- and cat had kittens and she kept one and gave another one to a neighbor (even though not allowed-- But they kept them inside) and had to let the other kittens go.. When she heard the park owner was coming around she would bring them inside- However they dont usually know when this guy was coming.. Sooooo I felt sooo bad.. And the day before I left he said- "lets take the kittens, They really are doomed and too sweet for that but we need to find homes for them when we get back" So we bought a cat carrier and food.. We set the cat carrier out for them to investigate it for a while-- and just as I had thought they went straight in it-- Which shows even more what woudl have happened to them.. So we took them.. They drove with us 1200 miles form louisiana back to Colorado springs.. And stayed in hotel with us over nigth-- And rode the whole way back with my fiance and my 3 month old son and me.. THey did SOOO well.. They sat with us-- they didnt meow.. They used the litterbox in the truck.. And were just like they had ridden in a car 100's of times even though they never had.. Well of course ive become attached to them.. They are the cats i have always wanted.. They always want to cuddle- and come when they are called and are great kitties.. So I convinced my fiance to let me keep them.. We have named them Mister and Kiki. But we may have to give jacques to my sis in law-- Which is ok cause she has his brother-- But I really would rather keep him.. So we will have to see! ! But were only supposed to have either 1 dog or 2 cats.. not 4 cats and 1 dog! lol.. I really did try to find Mister and Kiki a home when I got back- but no one wanted 2 kittens- only 1 and I wouldnt let them be seperated.. They have already been through so much and have been through it all together.. So im not about to split them up.. But anyhow were keeping them.. I wrote a post in the "grooming" forum- Because my kiki recently got herself ina predicament.. And I need to figure out how to fix it.. So please read and any ideas please let me know!!! THanks!!

Mommy of a 3 month old baby boy, 4 kitties and 1 dog!
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What a great story! I'm so glad you were able to bring them home, and keep them together. They sound sooooo sweet!
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When that "open to cats" sign goes up, it's hard to take down, lol! Our "we can ONLY have three" has resulted in six so far.

Wouldn't trade a minute of it.

Thanks for caring for these kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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