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Cronic Dry Eye

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For all of you out there who suffer from Cronic Dry Eye and eye allergies, what do you use to treat it?? I have severe cronic dry eye and aweful eye allergies!!! I've tried Patanol, Allerex, two more prescriptions I can't remember the name of as well as several otc brands- I haven't found anything that really helps improve the mositure in my eye and reduce the irritation. I wear contacts- but I alternate between contacts and glasses to cut down on the irritation on my eyes. What works for you????
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I occasionally get dry or irritated eyes, like when I'm at work and staring at a computer screen for a while. Or machining or working in my car (all those fumes). Usually I just drink a whole lot of water and that'll do the trick (I already drink a ton of water because I had kidney stones, like minimum 1 gal a day). I think water fixes 50% of all people's problems (headaches, constipation, kidney problems, liver problems, weakness, eye problems, skin problems, goes on and on). If not I'll use saline drops. I also NEVER EVER rub my eyes, if something gets into my eye and bothers me, I grab the upper eye lid, pull it over my lower eyelid and let go gently. The lower eyelashes grabs anything in the upper eyelid and you can just brush if off after it gets it out (usually an eyelash). If it's really stubborn I'll flood it out with saline. But for you sounds more serious... Contacts also make it hella worse...
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Thanks for your response! I appreciate it! Unfortunatley for me,water alone doesn't help. I haven't had soft drinks in over 8 years (I quit when I ran track competively). ALL I drink is water, and occassionally juice or tea. I'm constantly drinking water...so that hasn't helped. I do have aweful eyes lol...My left eye is a -4.75 and my right is a -4.50. I was diagnosed a while back with Cronic Dry Eye and really bad allergies...they've given me several different types of drops...but nothing seems to help...also there are some thing I can't use because i'm super allergic to silicone (it's in a lot of eye products). I can't wear my contacts all of the time because they dry out soo quicky...so I alternate between glasses and contacts to ease up the irriataion a bit. I really think I might go back to the eye doctor soon because my eyes have been soo dry and irritated lately. None of my drops seem to help. Hummm...even my mascarra has been irritating my eyes lately (I always use contact-safe mascare). I'm quite perplexed about my eyes! I feel like I have sandpaper in them!
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My allergies have been better in the past few years but my eye doc did prescribe patenol for me (that is really $$$). When my allergies 1st started 30 yrs ago I would rub my eyes so much they would goop up and I would have to walk carefully to bathroom and wash w/warm water to open them but then have these HUGH bags under my eyes!! Because of that I very rarely (2-3x/yr) where mascara. I don't were contacts as my vision can't be corrected to 20/20 with them. They did seem a bit dries when I did wear contacts. Every time I go to eye doc I say eyes have been dry but be looks and says the are ok. Somethimes I would just dribble tap water into my eyes if I don't have drops available.
Are your eyes like this year round or just in the fall??
Can you see an allergist that could find out what exactly you are allergic too??
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