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Anyone who has an IBS cat??

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Could anyone please pm me if you have a IBS kitty..
I am fostering one right now, she is really worrying me, nothing life threatening, but wanted to talk about some of the issues..
Thanks again
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Irritable bowel syndrome?
I know a thing or two about that..let me tell ya..sheesh that sure sucks. But i know nothing of it in cats. sorry.
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Ya I have it myself, and thought we'd be a perfect pair, unfortunitly Im unexperienced as far as kitties are concerned
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I have an IBS cat. Feel free to post questions here (not that I'm an expert, so I'm sure there are some you have that I can't answer!) or send me a PM.
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Originally Posted by alliread View Post
Could anyone please pm me if you have a IBS kitty..
I am fostering one right now, she is really worrying me, nothing life threatening, but wanted to talk about some of the issues..
Thanks again
Well I dont have a cat with it. But I have it and my dog Buddy has it. What do you want to know.
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She is on prednisone right now, as well as special food..
But she continues to cry in the litterbox, and strain..Ive tried that laxative stuff for hairballs, plus pumpkin..
She always has poop on her bum, and I try to clean her, but she screams and it looks so swollen..
Is there any other food I can try??
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If your vet put you on Rx food you need to talk to the vet and explain this food is not working and what to try next... Many makers make RX lines and you can have the vet order them if not carried...

I have a dog with IBS and for her the raw food diet worked...

May I ask what food and how long kitty has been on it???
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Thats the problem, the shelter I believe, just got her about a month or so ago..
They thought it was her terrible case of worms, but treated that, as well as antibiotics etc..
Then she continued to have issues, so they dont know if its lifelong or will fade, once her tummy recovers from the worms being so bad.
They started her on that Eukanuba sensitive tummy food maybe 3 weeks ago.
I am fostering her, as well as about 5 others in the same room.
I would put her in her own room, but I have sick kittens in the other room..
So its either out with the others, or in a tiny bathroom..And she is attached to my hip, so I hate to do that.
But she is eating some of their science diet kitten food, as I am finding it hard to keep her only on her food, while providing them with their food.
So I have been mixing it..
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Neither of those foods if you read them are for IBS ... both have lots of grains and meat products that can be hard to digest .. When will this kitty next see a vet??
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I can take her to the vets, she hasnt been to one for the week or two she has been here, as she just saw the vet before I got her.
I was hoping to find her a home, that could do everything she ever needed done in life, but until that time comes, I will do what I can do.
Im just obviously not experienced..I just feel so bad when she cries when going potty...

The vet she saw, thinks all of the worms just caused irritation, and that hopefully it will die down, but I dont know if that will happen.
Her bum constantly has poop on it, and when I try to clean her she screams, which makes it fraustrating.
Maybe I will put her in the bathroom, with the food she needs to eat, instead of her nibbling on the others..
I have read a few articles that were already on here, and wanted to give the prednisone time to work, just wasnt sure what kind of time that is..

The shelter has already stated, they will take her back if I cant handle it. I just wanted to give it a chance first..
I hate to have to lock her up, as I know she wants to be with me everywhere I go. But to be around the others food isnt good either.
Ive had the foster kittens get sick on me in the other room, so I am fighting to get them better also, after loosing 2 of them.
So now that I somewhat have them stable, I would like to focus on her.
I didnt know being a foster mommy was so tough.
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I would see a vet first but IBS cats usually do best on one protein diet
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When I got my Tuffy he had worms real bad with just horrible diarea and his little butt was all red and hurt something awfull, he was treated for the worms and that got better, but then he had to go on antibiotics for a long time to get rid of a bad URI and the antibiotics gave him bad diarea and his little butt got so sore again he also cried out when I would try and clean him up.

He finally got in pretty good shape for a couple months then he started to bleed sometimes after using the litter box, the vets thought at first it was IBD or IBS, we tried all kinds of things with him but nothing helped much, turned out he was developing FIP and he was gone in about 3 months after the bleeding from his rectum started. I was and still am totaly heart broken over loosing Tuffy only after having him a little over a year, he was a real sick stray when he came up to me while we were camping and I gave him something to eat and he stayed with us the whole weekend and he came home with us. They think he was only about 4 years old when he died. He was my little best friend, and a very special little guy.

Sorry to go on so long about this but reading about the IBS stuff reminded me about how they at first thought Tuffy had it when he started to have problems. I also have a bad case of IBS, mine is always bad diarea not constipation. I alway have to have imodium with the gas relief stuff with me on long car rides or I need to know where there is a bathroom close if I go anywhere. It will hit me right out of the blue sometimes and if there is no bathroom close I am in trouble, and the bloating and cramping can be just terribly painfull. Sorry to get way off track here, I am sure others with IBS know what I am saying.
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Yes. I know, I have it myself, and thats why I thought if no one adopted her, we would be a perfect match!!
But Im not sure if she experiences what I do.
I remember your story, and am sorry for your loss.
I dont know what her deal is. Part of me thinks it might have been the worms, etc. Part of me thinks I need to block her off from the others , with a strict diet, I just dont want to not think of the possibilities.

I have a couple right now, who is interested in her, with all of her problems..
And maybe they can focus on her more, the way that I Cant with the sick kittens..
Im at a loss, it really seems like she does have gas, as sometimes she howls when just sitting beside me, she goes to the litter, screams, comes back out after doing nothing!!
And then she does have what looks like diahrea stuck to her tail and bum, but no signs of it in the litter, or on the floor..Just when her butt hits the floor.
IS there a good protein food I can try??
How long until the prednisone would make a difference?
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Tuffy was eating the Hills Z/D food that is for cats with problems like IBS or IBD for the last month or two of his life. He really liked the stuff. He was also on prednisone a while to see if it helped the place he was bleeding from to heal up, I think it slowed the bleeding down some but it never totaly stopped it.

Then he was on prednisone the last couple weeks of his life, it helped control his fevers and it made him eat and drink good. Even on his last morning with his liver shutting down, the inside of his mouth and ears were all yellow, his kidneys shutting down, they emptied his bladder before they ended his suffering and it was real dark from blood, his rectum was full of old blood and a fever of 105 he was still trying to eat and drink. I still can't believe that being in that shape at the vet that morning he still was Tuffy as best he could be, he was talking to us and wanted to see everyone at the vets office. He was an amazing little guy, he never gave up on wanting to live, which made it that much harder for me to say its time to the vet.

I am sorry to tell all this over again on someone elses tread, I guess it helps me to deal with the sadness.
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I understand trust me, Thats why I am not sure whats best for her. I can take care of her here, with the other cats/kittens, send her back to the shelter, or try to adopt her out to a home, that can care for her..
I lost 2 in about 4 hours this weekend, it just tears you apart, and I was only the foster mommie
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