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I'm going Soft

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Okay, I'm not sure where this belongs but it is about my 2 foster kittens so I put it here. The problem is, I have fostered dozens of kittens over the last 5 years. I have only kept 2. Right now I have a sister and brother 10 weeks old, and the problem is, I want to keep them! I don't know how I got so attached to them, I just don't usually have this problem. What kind of foster am I? And they know it, too,the little stinkers, they love to sit in my lap and cuddle. Do you other fosters get like this? The thought of turning them over to the shelter is so sad. By the way its a wonderful shelter.
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Yeah, that happens. All the babies are so sweet and precious, but sometimes one or two are especially endearing. Jasmine's sister Blue was a GREAT cat! Festus loved her as if she were her kitten, and she was such a joy. The new family she went to loves her dearly.

It is up to you of course. There is really nothing wrong with keeping some fosters, unless it limits your ability to keep fostering. But it is wonderful to raise beautiful lovely kittens for another family. Almost like your kids growing up and going off to college!
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im going through that too...i have 5 babies and momma...and i have grown attached to ollie the all blk male,but cant keep him the new familys will be quizzed before getting these babies lol
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I've only fostered once and I ended up keeping them...so no more...I just can't turn them over to anyone!
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No Seriously, I have never had a kitten attach itself to me like little Harry Potter.He follows me all around, and likes to grab my face so he can stare into my eyes, and chirp at me.Funny since when he first came I couldnt even pet him! My cats are green with envy,but they get plenty of attention. Jeff says no more cats which he has said before every cat I have ever adopted.I think we have a home for little Olive. She's an angel, too.
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Yes, I honestly know what you mean. All the fosters are wonderful, but then the extra special ones pull at your heartstrings. I loved Blue, and almost burst into tears when she was chosen at the adoption show. But she became cat # 3 in a couple's home, very doted on and spoiled. At my house she would have been cat # 6, not counting the current 11 fosters. Truly, it was best for her to go to another home.

But Festus and I miss her. Festus mourned when Blue left, and layed on a chair with her head down. I felt terrible!

Then there was Midnight, who I bottle fed. It almost felt like giving up a child when he left. It didn't bother me much to adopt out his siblings, but he was so precious!

But it only takes keeping a few to have too many cats. And to me, more than 3 housecats is too many, based on my ability to keep litterboxes clean, give attention, and provide vet care.

If you have room for one more, go for it. But remember you may end up with a difficult to adopt kitty with special needs...like my Jazz. She just stayed feralish. She would have hated the adoption shows, and been scared to move to a new home. We've had her for a year now, and yesterday she let me pet her more than once! DD even picked her up a few days ago! (Just to clarify for those who don't know the story of Jazz and Blue...we did adopt Jazz. So whether or not she turns into a total lovebug like her sister, she is ours...and definitely not available for adoption!)
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I know all about the special ones, the 2 foster I have kept were both runts who almost died had I not been there to intervene. They are both miracle kittens, you would never know by looking at them now! I tried to adopt one out and the lady sent her home the same day, she got sick there. After that we couldnt bear to let her go. I have 3 cats of my own and my son has one that lives here. Most of the shelter workers have, I am not kidding, over 10 and a few dogs thrown in. There are just so many homeless, of course you all know that.
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