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beyond myself with worry- please help me

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Abi had a steroid shot last thursday for a rodent lip ulcer. That day she was ravenous and wouldn't stop meowing and wanting food. The hypoallergenic diet I was instructed to give her didn't appeal to her so I added her regular food. Then saturday her behavior became very very odd, she is usually a major lap cat and makes biscuits and is always a few inches from me purring like a motorhome. Now she barely purrs, stays far on the other side of the room from me and she might tolerate 5 seconds of a back scratch before she moves away. she still follows me if i go to another room, but she won't get close. Today her appetite has dropped to below normal.

I am taking her back to the vet tomorrow but I am close to hysterical ( more than close, I have been crying on and off) and sick with worry as I adore this cat and her behavior is clearly telling me that something is wrong. I feel helpless. All alone in Portland with my husband thousands of miles away and I can't make this kitty feel well.
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Sending a hug to you ...
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I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Tonight will be a long night, no doubt, but fortunately you're able to get in to the vet tomorrow. We "meowmies" know when our babies are sick, and that helpless feeling is terrible. Our thoughts are with you.
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Awww Im sorry, I wish I had some answer for you.... sending vibes to you and your baby girl ........

If you think its serious enough take her to the emergency vet to night, otherwise tomorrw AM and please let us know what the vet says.
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Oh, Diana! I feel your pain, and I know that helpless feeling. Don't hesitate to see an emergency vet if you think the situation won't wait. But whatever you decide, know that there are mega vibes headed your way, for sweet Abi to feel better, for Mum to feel calmer, and for a swift resolution.

And not bad enough your girl is under the weather, but you don't even have DH to help you through it. We're here to "hold" you.
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Are there any updates on Abi? I know Twitch had several steroid shots, but I never noticed anything like you are describing. I hope Abi is OK!
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Just checking for an update to make certain Abi and mom are OK!
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Goodness I missed this earlier. for you and Abi. Hope she gets well soon.
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thanks everyone for the vibes. they obviously arrived because around 10 pm last night abi climbed on my chest and snuggled in for a while and has eaten a few meals since then. She is slowly acting a teensy bit more normal so I decided to put off the vet visit. I have to take a valium last night because i had a total melt down and couldn't stop crying and there was nothing my husband could do via phone. Last night she slept on her play table which I had dragged over near the side of the bed, so she was able to avoid the bed but still be close. that's what she appears to want. closeness but not too much.

I never imagined a cortisone shot would have this effect on her.

Thanks again, it means alot to feel the support.
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That's good news, Diana!
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I'm so glad to hear she's improving! I've never heard of a cortisone shot having that effect. One of our kitties had shots before and took the pills but never had much of an adverse reaction. Sounds like you're feeling better today, and that surely makes Abi feel better too.
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I'm glad both you and Abi are feeling a little calmer. I hope her improvement continues -- it's sooooo distressing when our sweeties are not themselves.
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I wish I'd seen this thread sooner! I know that in humans, cortisone injections can (although not in every case) be extremely painful around the site of the injection for 2 to 3 days afterwards - apparently this is caused by crystals forming around the site which gives a great deal of pain, but this clears up within a few days at most. This would certainly cause a cat to resist petting and spoil her appetite.

Obviously the best person to check this with would be your vet, but if she is now improving I would keep an eye on her and be ready to take her in if she gets worse again, or if there is no further improvement by tomorrow.
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Diane, I just caught up with this scary for you!
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I'm glad to hear that Abigail is back to normal! I've never heard of such a reaction to a cortisone shot, but as Epona said, she may have been experiencing some pain at the injection site. Or she was miffed about being taken to the vet's.
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