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About 1 inch from the kitten tie dental floss, then cut it off with scissors
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Should the knot be tight??? and should I do this with the kitten's who's umbilical cord is too long, but severed?
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Yes tight, not sure about the long one. I would imagine so but can't say for sure
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Ok, thanks for all the great help!! I can't express how much you've really helped me.

I think that Mittens is done. The total is 7, with 4 white and 3 black kittens. The white ones might look like Mittens (snowshoe) and the black ones might look like the tom (black and white).

I'm super tired so I can't even imagine how tired Mittens is. She's doing a pretty good job....seems like this is her first litter.
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You're welcome, glad I could help. I hope she's done 7 is a lot
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wow, just caught up on this post this morning, congrats on the babies!
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Congrats! My Foster kitty had 7 too, 1 was still born tho.. and we lost one about 2 weeks ago.. So Now i have 5,and WOW.. handfuls! Sooo Have fun with these bundles of energy!
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Mama and the babies are fine. Mittens moved them to under my bed tothe back corner (which I didn't want her to do because it is impossible to check on them and it's cold and hard there. She would not have her kittens unless my husband stayed right with her and then she kept trying to leave her kittens to come sleep on top of our bed beside him.

So we're going to kennel her with them like I planned. I just have to pull my king size bed out of my room to get to them ha.
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please post pictures soon!
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Awww... 7 babies!

Congratulations to you and Mittens! Can't wait to see photos of the darling little ones
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Sadly, while I was at school today, one little angel passed away. It was one of the white ones and it looks like her back legs weren't functioning properly. I figured that mom must of realized that there was something wrong with her and just let nature take its coarse.

Now we have 6 kittens. RIP Little angel. I think I'll call her cotton because she looked like a little cotten ball.
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ok, so I could only get a extremely brief moment with each kitten as momma was not happy about it, but (and I could be off on a few) from what I saw, 2 whites are male, 2 white females but one passed, and then 2 solid black males and 1 male black and white.
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awww rip cotton
and congratalations on the baby's
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