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Innocent or guilty?

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I came home and found this. Is Smudge innocent or guilty???

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It was deffinatley her sister!
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Smudge's sure cute..........and guilty as all get out!
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But you couldn't possibly be mad at that cute face!!
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I laughed and laughed. She doesn't get locked up in her cage anymore. Can you tell?

Lily is usually the one with her paws in the tissue box trying to pull out the tissues, so maybe it was a group effort
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She's really growing! Such a little sweetheart - I'm so glad that she's doing well!
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You know there were partners in this crime!
Lily pulled them out of the box but Smudge was showing big sis what she was made of by tearing them to pieces!
I can see it now...
The key is heard being put in the lock, the doorknob turning and EVERYONE but Smudge running as they say "You're on your own kid!" as they hide and leave her to take the blame!
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Smudge is a purrfect little kitten who would *never* do something naughty. You can't be guilty when you're that cute!
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Innocent until proven guilty!!
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"Guilty? What's that, Mooooooooom? I'm just a sweet innocent li'l kitty. Hey, Mooooooom, did you notice I showed those tissues who's boss? Aren't I smart??"
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Awww bless her!!! She is definitely innocent- look at that sweet little innocent face!!! She would NEVER do a thing like that was her sisters
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She's innocent of course! Look at that face. She reminds me of Bagheera when he was little.
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Poor baby. Guilty- but her sisters talked her into it. She's too young to know better. Those are wonderful pics. Smudge looks so healthy now.
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and for her crime you should send her to me.
oh wait, never mind, i came home to a new roll of paper towels that had been
pulled off the kitchen counter ripped into little parts. i dont think mine need any help
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ummmmmmmmmmm...well, lets look at the evidence .........thats it !!

Smudge is playing detective for you
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Awwwww she's only a baby so she doesn't know she did wrong.

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I bet she just had a really bad case of the sniffles while you were out Mom! And being that she has no thumbs, this was the best that she could do!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
I bet she just had a really bad case of the sniffles while you were out Mom! And being that she has no thumbs, this was the best that she could do!
Yeah, I'm sure that's it!

And 4crazycats - she does remind me of Bagheera! Have you got baby pics of him?
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Innocent by plea of cuteness!
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When it comes to tissues, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, it's guilty until proven otherwise!

I think there's a hard and fast cat rule that the last cat to leave the scene of the crime, graciously accepts guilt by default.
Smudge is just paying her cat dues, even if she didn't do it.
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Stumpy and Lily greeted me at the front door, but Smudge was upstairs still when I went upstairs (she can't run down stairs like the big girls). When I discovered the tissues she ran to them and lay down, but I reckon Lily was looking guilty.... I say they're all guilty!

Lily probably pulled them out, Smudge probably thought they were great fun, and Stumpy just should have known better as the oldest
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